Bonne Année, La (1973)

Original Title : Bonne année, La
Director : Claude Lelouch
Writer : Claude Lelouch
Pierre Uytterhoeven
Pierre Uytterhoeven
Claude Lelouch
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Music : Francis Lai
Photography : Jean Collomb
Claude Lelouch
IMDB ID : 0069815
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Bonne Année, La (1973) - Claude Lelouch


Lino Ventura Simon
Françoise Fabian Françoise
Charles Gérard I
André Falcon Le bijoutier
Mireille Mathieu Herself
Lilo I
Claude Mann L'intellectuel
Frédéric de Pasquale L'amant parisien


Released from prison apparently under a New Year amnesty, a criminal tries to pick up the threads of a life changed not only by his daring plan to rob a jewellers in out-of-season Cannes but by someone special he met there.


Intriguing Fluff Stylish, moody, charming, serene, glossy, and evocative are just a few of the words that come to mind when you view this picture and that's just after the first five minutes.This is truly a French picture.It has all the ingredients that lovers of that cinema enjoy. Unlike American films, French filmstake their time in telling their story and everything is very leisurely paced.The viewer is actually allowed to soak in the visual experience without being told what to think.Director Lelouch is a master at work.He wisely realizes that film viewing is a very personal experience.What the viewer will take from that experience is unique only to them.Thus you have a picture that stays rather wide open in regards to structure.The camera takes many wide shots, thus allowing the individual viewer to focus on whatever it is that intrigues them personally.The story, while still being focused, stays elusive and subtle throughout. To say this is a story about a planned jewelry store heist is misleading since this only takes up a part of the movie.There is also a running mix of character study, romance, comedy, satire, and even drama.Some will enjoy the amusing banter and love-hate relationship of the two male leads.Others will like the blossoming romance between one of the crooks and a beautiful antique shop owner.Still others will like the wide array of conversational topics.Some of which include: unique observations on marriage, hairstyles, churchgoers, psychology, men's definition of women, and women's definition of men.There's even a playful critique of a earlier Lelouch film A MAN AND A WOMEN. Overall it's perfectly made for the viewer with distinct tastes even though when you get right down to it, it really is just a piece of entertainment fluff made more intriguing because of it'ssophisticated approach.Like in it's WIZARD OF OZ like scheme where the beginning and end are in black and white, but the middle is in color.Why do it this way?No reason except why not.Same with the long slow shots of Ventura's very lined and expressionless face.There is also no real reason for this since Ventura's character, in all actuality, isn't that well defined.Yet there is still a rather unexplainable captivation to it anyways. A rather abrupt and elusive ending seems to be the films only real weak point.Yet when taken into context with everything else, this too has it's allure.
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Bonne Année, La (1973) - Claude Lelouch