Si j''avais 10... pauvres (1999)

Original Title : Si j''avais 10... pauvres
Director : Vincent Lannoo
Writer : Vincent Lanoo
Genre : Comedy
Country : Belgium
Language : French
Producer : Vincent Lannoo , Lionel Bourguet
Photography : Vincent van Gelder
Distributor : Studio Canal
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poster for "Si j''avais 10... pauvres" by Vincent Lannoo (1999)
Si j''avais 10... pauvres (1999) - Vincent Lannoo


Lionel Bourguet Vincent Lannoo
Brigitte Salkin George Lipnic
Céline Dupont The Swimmer
Sophie Ronval Josseline
Pierre Navez Robert
Gilles Bissot Gilles
Eliott Lannoo [The Small Marlon) 
Nicole Demeulder social Worker
Sylvie Haumont Juliette


A would be director Vincent Lannoo (played by Lionel Bourguet) tries to convince a producer to start a new TV show. The concept beeing 10 poor people lives will be shown on tv. He prepared a casting and shows it to the skeptic producer (Brigitte Selkin) in her luxurious villa.