Marie-Line (2000)

Original Title : Marie-Line
Director : Mehdi Charef
Writer : Mehdi Charef
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Éric Névé , Éric Névé
Music : Bernardo Sandoval
Photography : Alain Levent
IMDB ID : 0216904
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poster for "Marie-Line" by Mehdi Charef (2000)
Marie-Line (2000) - Mehdi Charef


Muriel Robin Marie-Line
Fejria Deliba Meriem
Valérie Stroh Bergère
Yan Epstein Léonard
Gilles Treton Paul
M'bembo Lagos
Aïssa Maïga Malika
Aïssa Maïga Malika


Marie-Line works as a chief cleaner, at night, in a mall. She leads a team of 3-5 women, most of them being illegal aliens. Marie-Line is a hard woman with a golden heart, and she's in love with dead singer Joe Dassin. When her fascist husband walks out on her, whe tries to find love through ads.


a subtle drama about working women This is a story about a women-only cleaning team for a supermarket in the suburbs of a large city in a somewhat bleak part of France. The team leader is played by squat actress Muriel Robin, previously known mostly for her one-woman comic shows. Her character is hard working, driven, uncompromising, often harsh, and she covets a prize for best cleaning team of the supermarket. Despite this, despite being affiliated along with her flailing husband to a far-right political party, and despite being abused by the store manager, she reveals a tenderness for her (often illegal aliens) teammates, that is simply stunning and overwhelming. This is probably Mehdi Charef's best film to date, profoundly moving and intelligent. It was without a doubt one of the 2 best movies i saw in 2000.