September (1987)

Original Title : September
Director : Woody Allen
Writer : Woody Allen
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Robert Greenhut (I) , Charles H. Joffe , Jack Rollins (II) , Gail Sicilia
Photography : Carlo Di Palma
IMDB ID : 0093940
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September (1987) - Woody Allen


┬Denholm Elliott Howard
┬Dianne Wiest Stephanie
┬Mia Farrow Lane
┬Elaine Stritch Diane
┬Sam Waterston Peter
┬Jack Warden Lloyd
┬Ira Wheeler Mr. Raines
┬Jane Cecil Mrs. Raines


Everyone is gathering at Lane's place for the weekend, and everyone's in love. Unfortunately, each beloved loves somebody else, and no one seems to realize it.


Sam, Sam, Sam! OK.Let's just cut to the chase.The best thing about this film is sexy Sam Waterston.So much shiny black hair, so neatly combed, all of it real!Wouldn't you just love to mess it up and inhale its smell?And Waterston shows a nice chest beneath the T-shirts he wears in a few scenes.Allen was nice enough to photograph Waterston from the rear several times showing that Waterston's nice butt fills his pants enticingly.One scene begins with a close-up of Waterston's well-muscled and veined hands playing with two cue balls.The camera pulls back a bit, and we see Waterston pressing his crotch into the side of the pool table right behind his hands and those balls.If this is Allen's idea of symbolism, it is a high camp moment in this film.Couldn't Woody have contrived a way to show Waterston without his shirt on or in a pair of Jockey shorts? Oh, the character Waterston's playing is the usual Waterston movie role: here it's a wimpy writer.But who cares? And that's the problem with the entire move.None of the characters shown here is worth caring about.Everyone spends most of the movie analyzing himself and others, discussing his and others' motives, whining and complaining.When a thunderstorm puts out the lights, I don't know why the characters didn't call it a night and go to bed.We would have been spared this film. In this film, one must take his pleasures where he can, and for me, that was Sam Waterston.
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September (1987) - Woody Allen