Biches, Les (1968)

Original Title : Biches, Les
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Paul Gégauff
Claude Chabrol
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : André Génovès
Music : Pierre Jansen
Photography : Jean Rabier
IMDB ID : 0062728
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Biches, Les (1968) - Claude Chabrol


Jean-Louis Trintignant Paul Thomas
Jacqueline Sassard Why
Stéphane Audran Frédérique
Nane Germon Violetta
Serge Bento Bookseller
Henri Frances Robèque
Dominique Zardi Riais rest of cast listed alphabetically
Claude Chabrol Filmmaker (uncredited


Frédérique is a rich and beautiful woman who picks up a female street artist called "Why". It is December and they go to her villa in Saint Tropez, which is inhabited by a couple of odd gay men. Both women fall for the local architect Paul Thomas. However Why says that she is not interested in him, so Frédérique invites him to move into the villa.


Perhaps the most significant use of slo-mo I have ever seen While the beauty and terrific acting of Sassard and Audran make this film seem to be about sexual roles, sexual ambiguity and personal and sexual identity, at its core, this is about a girl who is or becomes unbalanced, and once she comes unhinged, becomes a violent character from a Fritz Lang noir. The penultimate scene is transfixing, but the entire film is beautifully shot, tautly edited and exceptionally stylish and intelligent without calling attention to itself. As usual, Chabrol begins with a noir thriller and casual plot and transforms these elements into something else. Though not a common video, it is available on tape, please see it.
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200 x 315
Biches, Les (1968) - Claude Chabrol
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257 x 475
Biches, Les (1968) - Claude Chabrol
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Biches, Les (1968) - Claude Chabrol
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Biches, Les (1968) - Claude Chabrol