Z (1969)

Original Title : Z
Director : Costa-Gavras
Writer : Vassilis Vassilikos
Jorge Semprún
Genre : Thriller
Country : Algeria
Language : French
Producer : Jacques Perrin (I) , Ahmed Rachedi , Eric Schlumberger , Philippe d'Argila
Music : Mikis Theodorakis
Photography : Raoul Coutard
IMDB ID : 0065234
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Z (1969) - Costa-Gavras


Yves Montand The Deputy
Irene Papas Helene, the Deputy's wife
Jean-Louis Trintignant The Examining Magistrate
Jacques Perrin I
Charles Denner Manuel
François Périer Public Prosecutor
Pierre Dux The General
Georges Géret Nick


Costa-Gravis chronicles the overthrow of the democratic government in Greece. When a liberal politician is murdered in an attack during a peace demonstration, the right wing established figures in the military and the police try and hide not only their parts in it, but try to cover up the murder as well. The prosecutor must act as a detective in order to go through the cover up. While historically accurate, it is told as a combination mystery and thriller.


The most important political film in Greece First and foremost, it is a true story. It's the story of the assassination of Dimitris Lambrakis, that led to the military junta in Greece. Every time I see it, it gives me the chills. The film was of course banned in Greece for years and the writer was driven to exile. After the fall of junta, it was worshiped, but we saw it on TV much later. Now, if you're not Greek, it's quite possible you can't care less. In a purely cinematic aspect, it's not the best possible reproduction of Vassilikos' book, but it's still in high standards. Personally I suggest this film to everyone and especially every totalitarian government officials.
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503 x 709
Z (1969) - Costa-Gavras
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Z (1969) - Costa-Gavras
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366 x 561
Z (1969) - Costa-Gavras