Tout ça... pour ça! (1993)

Original Title : Tout ça... pour ça!
Director : Claude Lelouch
Writer : Claude Lelouch
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : French
Producer : Claude Lelouch
Music : Francis Lai
Philippe Servain
Photography : Claude Lelouch
Philippe Pavans de Ceccatty
IMDB ID : 0108370
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poster for "Tout ça... pour ça!" by Claude Lelouch (1993)
Tout ça... pour ça! (1993) - Claude Lelouch


Marie-Sophie L. Marie Lenormand
Francis Huster Francis Barrucq
Fabrice Luchini Fabrice Lenormand
Alessandra Martines Allessandra Barrucq
Vincent Lindon Lino
Gérard Darmon Henri Poncet
Jacques Gamblin Jacques Grandin
Evelyne Bouix Marilyne Grandin


French Talking Cinema Even though Lelouch is not a usual French director who shots very talkative people in his movies, this one is a perfect example of what French cinema is known for. The plot is about a trial against three men who tried to earn loads of money by illegal methods to get to Canada and about the lawyers and the judge who get on with the trial and who are being unfaithful to their couples. In the third part of the movie we realize that all the characters are connected when the trial itself is showed. In between, the characters talking,talking,talking and talking their superfluous conversations as usual in French cinema. This is not a must see, but it's nice enough if you don't have any other better thing to do than watch this movie.