Knock (1951)

Original Title : Knock
Director : Guy Lefranc
Writer : Georges Neveux
Jules Romains
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jacques Roitfeld
Music : Paul Misraki
Photography : Claude Renoir
IMDB ID : 0042649
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poster for "Knock" by Guy Lefranc (1951)
Knock (1951) - Guy Lefranc


Louis Jouvet Docteur Knock
Jean Brochard Docteur Parpalaïd
Pierre Renoir Le pharmacien Mousquet
Pierre Bertin I
Marguerite Pierry La dame en violet
Jean Carmet Le premier gars
Yves Deniaud Tambour, the Town Crier
Mireille Perrey Mme. Rémy


One -man show. This is Louis Jouvet's triumph.The director could be anyone, he does not exist here. All you've got to do is enjoy Louis Jouvet's fabulous intonations, subtle funny faces and extraordinary presence. Jules Romain's famous play pits a charlatan against a whole village of healthy peasants. Believe it or not, in the short space of a few months, almost everyone's in bed, "cured" by doctor Knock. The way Knock turns his patient into hypochondriacs is sheer genius. One could think that Knock's only in it for the money but it's not that simple: actually, he's crazy, and what's worse, a lot of people trust him and think he's the most sensible doctor they have ever known. The ending is not that much comic. The connection with Molière's "le malade imaginaire" is obvious. Human naivete knows no bounds.