Tricheurs, Les (1958)

Original Title : Tricheurs, Les
Director : Marcel Carné
Writer : Marcel Carné
Jacques Sigurd
Charles Spaak
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Robert Dorfmann (I)
Music : Ray Brown (VI)
Roy Eldridge
Herb Ellis (II)
Stan Getz
Dizzy Gillespie
Coleman Hawkins
Gus Johnson (I)
Oscar Peterson
Photography : Claude Renoir
IMDB ID : 0052318
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Tricheurs, Les (1958) - Marcel Carné


Pascale Petit Mic
Andréa Parisy Clo
Jacques Charrier Bob Letellier
Laurent Terzieff Alain
Jean-Paul Belmondo Lou (as J.P. Belmondo
Dany Saval La fiancée de Bernard
Alfonso Mathis Bernard
Jacques Marin I


the cheaters It's generally an accepted fact that Marcel Carné's 1936-1946 movies are masterpieces and it's considered polite to say that the rest are mediocrities.This is an unfair opinion:at least ,two of the latter era are eminently watchable:"Thérèse Raquin", his best post-war work,and "les tricheurs" (the cheaters). There's a strange evolution from the Prevert golden hour to "les tricheurs": in "les enfants du paradis", "quai des brumes" or "le jour se lève", true love is thwarted by the villains. In "les tricheurs" true love does not exist anymore: we deal with a bunch of young people who believe in nothing, falling in love would be incongruous for this youth. The adults are not the villains at all: Mic's brother and mother are kind people, but she is beyond their command. Very few grown-ups appear anyway. During two hours, the characters do not stop playing around, dancing, listening to jazz records (a music which was not still part of the bourgeois culture), and heavily drinking. When two of them discovers they care for each others, it will be too late. The cast is rather good, Laurent Terzieff as an existentialist cynic and Andréa Parisy as a rich kid are the stand-outs. On the other hand, Pascale Petit and mainly Jacques Charrier (who married Brigitte Bardot the same year as "les tricheurs") do not possess the ambiguity their parts asks for.They are all smile, too sweet and to nice to be believable. Oddly,"les tricheurs" was labeled "nouvelle vague"! When you know what the priests of this cinema school (the likes of Godard) thought of Carné, it's really a good joke. But this disenchantment you feel throughout the whole movie is really disturbing.
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Tricheurs, Les (1958) - Marcel Carné
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Tricheurs, Les (1958) - Marcel Carné