Baby of Mâcon, The (1993)

Original Title : Baby of Mâcon, The
Director : Peter Greenaway
Writer : Peter Greenaway
Genre : Drama
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Christoph Hahnbeiser , Frank Henschke , Kees Kasander , Yves Marmion , Jean-Louis Piel , Denis Wigman , Roland Wigman
Music : John Blow
Arcangelo Corelli
Matthew Locke
Claudio Monteverdi
Henry Purcell
Photography : Sacha Vierny
IMDB ID : 0106335
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Baby of Mâcon, The (1993) - Peter Greenaway


Julia Ormond The Daughter
Ralph Fiennes The Bishop's Son
Philip Stone I
Jonathan Lacey Cosimo de Medici
Don Henderson II
Celia Gregory Mother Superior
Jeff Nuttall The Majordomo
Jessica Stevenson The First Midwife


A movie about the corruption in all levels of society. A baby is born from a supposed-to-be virgin woman, so a chain of hysteria about divine intervention in the birth takes place.


Confusing. I saw this movie on late night television and that could explain my confusion but I do not believe that I could have understood this movie if the writer were sitting next to me explaining it as it went a long. I have no comprehension of the ending.
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297 x 475
Baby of Mâcon, The (1993) - Peter Greenaway
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276 x 400
Baby of Mâcon, The (1993) - Peter Greenaway