Amerikanische Freund, Der (1977)

Original Title : Amerikanische Freund, Der
Director : Wim Wenders
Writer : Patricia Highsmith
Wim Wenders
Genre : Crime
Country : West Germany
Language : German and English
Producer : Ren√©e Gundelach , Wim Wenders
Music : J√ľrgen Knieper
Photography : Robby M√ľller
IMDB ID : 0075675
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Amerikanische Freund, Der (1977) - Wim Wenders


¬Dennis Hopper Tom Ripley
¬Bruno Ganz Jonathan Zimmermann
¬Lisa Kreuzer Marianne Zimmermann
¬G√©rard Blain Raoul Minot
¬Nicholas Ray Derwatt
¬Samuel Fuller The American Mobster
¬Peter Lilienthal Marcangelo
¬Daniel Schmid Ingraham


Jonathan Zimmermann, a picture framer in Hamburg is diagnosed as having leu leukemia. Ripley, an American art dealer dealing in forgeries, uses this fact to arrange for a mob associate of his to recruit Zimmermann as a hit man. Zimmermann agrees to this because this would ensure his family's financial future. Zimmermann descends into a nightmare world of deceit and double dealing. The narrative acts as a metaphor for the relationship between American (Hollywood) and post-war German culture. The appearance of several Hollywood directors in cameo roles underlines this.


Wim Wenders' tribute to American film noir, with cameos for two great American directors, Sam Fuller and Nicholas Ray, and boasting the most imaginative cinematography ever and the most beautifully ominous music, is finally available in widescreen enhanced DVD. What is it about about Patricia Highsmith which inspires so many directors? From Alfred Hitchcock (Strangers on a Train) to Anthony Minghella (The Talented Mr. Ripley), via Jean-Pierre Melville (Cry of the Owl) and Rene Clement (Plein soleil aka Purple Noon), her novels have translated to the screen with astonishing effect. Purple Noon and The Talented Mr. Ripley adapt the same book in such different yet equally gripping ways that curiosity forced me to seek out the novel, and then the other four Tom Ripley novels. Ripley's Game, the source for The American Friend, is arguably the best of the five, and perhaps of all her novels. Jonathan (Bruno Ganz), not Ripley himself (Dennis Hopper) is the real protagonist. The Hamburg-to-Munich train sequence is probably the centerpiece, but the Paris subway scene is just as incredible (ending in La Defense before the Grande Arche was built). Dialogue flows easily between German, English, and French. Just one example of sensitive detail - when Jonathan (Ganz)is reading his hopeless medical report in a steel/glass/concrete modernist Paris apartment, the camera zeroes in on the miniature Statue of Liberty replica on a concrete island under a bridge across the Seine. A symbolic representation of the title?
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281 x 432
Amerikanische Freund, Der (1977) - Wim Wenders
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323 x 454
Amerikanische Freund, Der (1977) - Wim Wenders
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Amerikanische Freund, Der (1977) - Wim Wenders