Ringu (Ring) (1998)

Original Title : Ringu
Director : Hideo Nakata
Writer : Kôji Suzuki
Hiroshi Takahashi
Genre : Horror
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Producer : Masato Hara , Takashige Ichise , Makoto Ishihara , Tatsuya Isomura , Shinya Kawai , Takenori Sento
Music : Kenji Kawai
Photography : Junichirô Hayashi
Distributor : Anolis Entertainment [de]
IMDB ID : 0178868
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Ringu (Ring) (1998) - Hideo Nakata


Nanako Matsushima Reiko Asakawa
Miki Nakatani Mai Takano
Miki Nakatani Mai Takano


After the death of her cousin Tomoko, reporter Reiko hears stories of a videotape that kills everyone who sees it exactly one week after viewing. At first she discounts the rumors, but when she learns that Tomoko's friend (who watched the video with her) died at exactly the same time, she begins to investigate. After viewing the tape herself, strange things start happening, and so she teams up with her ex-husband to try to stop the death clock that has once again begun ticking.


Slow-burning and genuinely terrifying I have been waiting a long time for "Ring" to come to Australia, and a finally got to see it and I wasn't disappointed. Overall, I'd have to say that this was one of the scarier horror films to come out in a while. The atmosphere (which is the essential ingredient for a good, scary horror film) was brilliant and the music was absolutely spine-tingling. The main flaw was that it left a little too much room for a sequel, and left some of the central questions unanswered. But it's sequel comes out next week at cinemas in Sydney, so I wont have to wait too long for those answers. 8/10.
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335 x 475
Ringu (Ring) (1998) - Hideo Nakata