Fargo (1996)

A homespun murder story.

Original Title : Fargo
Director : Joel Coen
Ethan Coen
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Tim Bevan , John Cameron , Ethan Coen , Eric Fellner
Music : Carter Burwell
Photography : Roger Deakins
IMDB ID : 0116282
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Fargo (1996) - Joel Coen | Ethan Coen


┬William H. Macy Jerry Lundegaard
┬Frances McDormand Marge Gunderson
┬Steve Buscemi Carl Showalter
┬Peter Stormare Gaear Grimsrud
┬Kristin Rudr├╝d Jean Lundegaard
┬Harve Presnell Wade Gustafson
┬Tony Denman Scotty Lundegaard
┬Gary Houston Irate Customer
┬Sally Wingert Irate Customer's Wife
┬Kurt Schweickhardt Car Salesman
┬Larissa Kokernot Hooker
┬Melissa Peterman Hooker
┬Steve Reevis Shep Proudfoot (as Steven Reevis
┬Warren Keith Reilly Diefenbach
┬Steve Edelman Morning Show Host
┬Sharon Anderson Morning Show Hostess
┬Larry Brandenburg Stan Grossman
┬James Gaulke State Trooper
┬J. Todd Anderson Victim in the Field (as symbol spoofing tAFKaP
┬Michelle Suzanne LeDoux Victim in Car
┬John Carroll Lynch Norm Gunderson
┬Bruce Bohne Lou
┬Petra Boden Cashier
┬Steve Park Mike Yanagita
┬Wayne A. Evenson Customer (as Wayne Evenson
┬Cliff Rakerd Officer Olson
┬Jessica Shepherd Hotel Clerk
┬Peter Schmitz Airport Lot Attendant
┬Steven I. Schafer Mechanic (as Steve Schaefer
┬Michelle Hutchison Escort (as Michelle Hutchinson
┬David S. Lomax Man in Hallway (as David Lomax
┬Jos├ę Feliciano Himself
┬Bix Skahill Night Parking Attendant
┬Bain Boehlke Mr. Mohra
┬Rose Stockton Valerie
┬Robert Ozasky Bismarck Cop
┬John Bandemer Bismarck Cop
┬Don Wescott Bark Beetle Narrator rest of cast listed alphabetically
┬Bruce Campbell Soap Opera Actor (uncredited
┬Clifford Nelson Heavyset Man In Bar (uncredited


Jerry Lundegaard is in a financial jam and, out of desperation, comes up with a plan to hire someone to kidnap his wife and demand ransom from her wealthy father, to be secretly split between Jerry and the perpetrators. Jerry, who is not the most astute of individuals, hires a couple of real losers from the frozen northern reaches of Fargo, North Dakota for the job. Then things begin to slip from bad to worse as Jerry helplessly watches on. Jerry hires two men to kidnap his wife so he can get his rich father in law to pay the ransom. Once the ransom is paid Jerry and the kidnappers will split the money down the middle. That's the plan, but what happens is something totally different. Blood is shed when a cop and two innocent people are killed. Marge Gunderson is the Chief who investigates the murders. While Marge investigates, Jerry gets involved in deeper problems, ranging from financial troubles, to threats from the kidnappers.


You betcha!! FARGO (1996) **** Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Harve Presnell, Peter Stormare.Dark comic undertones and excellent character actor performances dominate this richly macabre crime story gone awry flick by the Coen brothers(Joel and Ethan) involving pathetic used car salesman Macy so hard up for money and respect (not necessarily in that order) that he hires a pair of dim-witted thugs to kidnap his wife for ransom from his father-in-law's vast wealth in a plot-line that unravels with nice little twists and snags.McDormand (Best Actress) is perfect as a pregnant Midwestern sheriff on the case with a no-nonsense and homespun effect with her tactics of crime solving.Great cinematography by Roger A. Deakins accentuates the bleak winterscape of unearthed uneasiness.Nominated for Best Supporting Actor Macy, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Academy Award winner for Best Original Screenplay.
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Fargo (1996) - Joel Coen | Ethan Coen
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Fargo (1996) - Joel Coen | Ethan Coen
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Fargo (1996) - Joel Coen | Ethan Coen