Apartment, The (1960)

Movie-wise, there has never been anything like it - laugh-wise, love-wise, or otherwise-wise!

Original Title : Apartment, The
Director : Billy Wilder
Writer : Billy Wilder
I.A.L. Diamond
Genre : Romance
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : I.A.L. Diamond , Doane Harrison , Billy Wilder
Music : Adolph Deutsch
Photography : Joseph LaShelle
IMDB ID : 0053604
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Apartment, The (1960) - Billy Wilder


Jack Lemmon Calvin Clifford 'C.C.' 'Bud' Baxter
Shirley MacLaine Fran Kubelik
Fred MacMurray Jeff D. Sheldrake
Ray Walston Joe Dobisch
Jack Kruschen Dr. Dreyfuss
David Lewis Al Kirkeby
Hope Holiday Mrs. Margie MacDougall
Joan Shawlee Sylvia
Naomi Stevens Mrs. Mildred Dreyfuss
Johnny Seven Karl Matuschka
Joyce Jameson The blonde
Willard Waterman Mr. Vanderhoff
David White Mr. Eichelberger
Edie Adams Miss Olsen rest of cast listed alphabetically
Dorothy Abbott Office worker (uncredited
Benny Burt Charlie (the bartender
Mason Curry (uncredited
Frances Weintraub Lax Mrs. Lieberman (uncredited
David Macklin Messenger (uncredited
Hal Smith Santa Claus (uncredited


C.C. Baxter, insurance clerk and only a face in a crowd of 30,000 employees, has a little problem: He can't use his own apartment. Since he once lent out his key to one of his superiors and his mistress, this custom has spread ever since. Now, different superiors from different departments take his place for their tête-à-têtes. Being promised not to be forgotten when it comes to shifts in personnel, C.C. Baxter swallows his anger - until he finds out that the mistress of Mr. Sheldrake, the company's boss, and his recent flame, Fran Kubelik, are the same person. And they are using his apartment! Although Baxter has not been forgotten personnel-wise, the attempted suicide of Fran in his very own bed makes him think.


Mechanical Spoilers herein. I have just had quite an argument with a well known film critic. He maintains that filmsare either good or bad and any good film is just simply good. I maintained that films arelittle worlds. Some are created more successfully than others. Some are more novel orclever or valuable than others. Navigating your way through film is part of building a lifeworth living. This film is a good example of what I mean. It is pleasant enough. It is well enoughbrought into being. But it is damaged goods. The situation is supposed to sharply display a late fifties environment of a man trappedin a mechanical organization, having to cater to the norms of that organization with witand grace. The situation centers on sex. Now, after a few decades, it becomes clear thatWilder himself was in the same situation. Early, he could make intelligent, edgy films."Sunset" is a masterpiece. But by this time, he was a chef in someone else's kitchen,turning out perfect pastries. Lemmon and MacLaine do cute as well as anyone from that period. Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 4: Has some interesting elements.
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Apartment, The (1960) - Billy Wilder
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Apartment, The (1960) - Billy Wilder