Dogville (2003)

Original Title : Dogville
Director : Lars von Trier
Writer : Lars von Trier
Genre : Drama
Country : Denmark
Language : English
Producer : Gillian Berrie , Bettina Brokemper , Lene Børglum , Jonas Frederiksen , Peter Garde , Anja Grafers , Peter Aalbæk Jensen , Lars Jönsson , Liisa Penttilä , Marianne Slot , Els Vandevorst , Vibeke Windeløv
Music : Antonio Vivaldi
Photography : Anthony Dod Mantle
IMDB ID : 0276919
Official site :
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Dogville (2003) - Lars von Trier


Nicole Kidman Grace
Harriet Andersson Gloria
Lauren Bacall Ma Ginger
Jean-Marc Barr The Man with the Big Hat
Paul Bettany Tom Edison
Blair Brown Mrs. Henson
James Caan The Big Man
Patricia Clarkson Vera
Jeremy Davies Bill Henson
Ben Gazzara Jack McKay
Philip Baker Hall Tom Edison Sr.
Siobhan Fallon Martha (as Siobhan Fallon Hogan
John Hurt Narrator (voice
Zeljko Ivanek Ben
Udo Kier The Man in the Coat
Cleo King Olivia
Miles Purinton Jason
Bill Raymond Mr. Henson
Chloë Sevigny Liz Henson
Shauna Shim June
Shauna Shim June


Set in an American Town in the Rocky Mountains in the 1930s. Lars von Trier re-explores the concept of goodness, but this in an idiom very different from that of his Gold Heart Trilogy (Breaking the Waves, The idiots and Dancer in the Dark). DOGVILLE is shot exclusively in studio with a minimum of props once again allowing the actors' maximum freedom and full exposure inspired by televised theatre of the 70s. In DOGVILLE Trier works extensively with light, sound, score and music to obtain and heighten dramatic atmosphere.


Nicole Kidman is officially the next Meryl Streep After her astonishing turns in EYES WIDE SHUT, MOULIN ROUGE, THE OTHERS, and THE HOURS, Nicole Kidman held promise as the next Meryl Streep. But following her unforgivable performance in DOGVILLE, she more than earns the title. One of the most striking and memorable films you will ever see (and the lack of sets actually helps), this violent, shocking film is a must for all film fans. I cannot wait to see Kidman in COLD MOUNTAIN!
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Dogville (2003) - Lars von Trier
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Dogville (2003) - Lars von Trier
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Dogville (2003) - Lars von Trier
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Dogville (2003) - Lars von Trier
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Dogville (2003) - Lars von Trier
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Dogville (2003) - Lars von Trier