Identity (2003)

The secret lies within.

Original Title : Identity
Director : James Mangold
Writer : Michael Cooney
Genre : Horror
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Stuart M. Besser , Dixie J. Capp , Cathy Konrad
Music : Alan Silvestri
Photography : Phedon Papamichael
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong violence and language.
IMDB ID : 0309698
Official site :
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Identity (2003) - James Mangold


John Cusack Ed
Ray Liotta Rhodes
Amanda Peet Paris
John Hawkes Larry
Alfred Molina Doctor
Clea DuVall Ginny
John C. McGinley George York
William Lee Scott Lou
Jake Busey Robert Maine
Pruitt Taylor Vince Malcolm Rivers
Rebecca De Mornay Caroline Suzanne (as Rebecca DeMornay
Carmen Argenziano Defense Lawyer
Marshall Bell District Attorney
Leila Kenzle Alice York
Matt Letscher Assistant District Attorney
Bret Loehr Timmy York
Holmes Osborne Judge
Frederick Coffin Detective Varole
Joe Hart Bailiff Jenkins
Michael Hirsch Naked Businessman
Terence Bernie Hines Bailiff
Stuart M. Besser Frozen Body (as Stuart Besser


Ten strangers with secrets are brought together in a savage rainstorm: A limo driver, an '80s TV star, a cop who is transporting a killer, a call girl, a pair of newlyweds and a family in crisis, all take shelter at a desolate motel run by a nervous night manager. Relief in finding shelter is quickly replaced with fear as the ten travelers begin to die, one by one. They soon realize that, if they are to survive, they'll have to uncover the secret that has brought them all together.


Very good On a dark and stormy night 11 strangers have to take refuge in an isolated motel when a rainstorm turns into a monsoon.One by one they begin to be killed...but by who and for what reason? The set-up is neat (if predictable) and there's a great opening showing how the actions of one of them (Amanda Peet) inadvertantly causes some serious damage for the others.There also is some great acting by Peet, John C. McGinley and Ray Liotta (who REALLY chews the scenery).There are also some moments that will make you jump and there are two neat twists at the end. The only bad things about this movie is some clumsy exposition (John Cusack tells his whole life story while photographing a corpse), some truly bad lines and a surprisingly lousy performance by Cusack.What's happened to him?He looks worn-out and haggard in this film. However, these are minor problems and the film is well worth seeing and keeps you guessing about what's going on till the last moment.Worth catching. WARNING:This film is NOT for children!
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Identity (2003) - James Mangold
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Identity (2003) - James Mangold