Lovers (1999)

Original Title : Lovers
Director : Jean-Marc Barr
Writer : Pascal Arnold
Jean-Marc Barr
Country : France
Language : French & English
Producer : Pascal Arnold , Jean-Marc Barr , Emmanuelle Mougne
IMDB ID : 0178721
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Lovers (1999) - Jean-Marc Barr


Élodie Bouchez Jeanne
Sergej Trifunovic Dragan
Jean-Christophe Bouvet L'homme du kiosque
Irina Decermic Le client
Thibault de Montalembert 


Jeanne and Dragan meet in a Paris bookshop - she's working there, he's looking for a book on the Italian painter Rossetti. The two strike up a passionate affair, but Dragan doesn't tell her that he is in the country illegally.


Uneventful film, redeemed by good photography and actress I just watched this film on tape from a recent Channel 4 broadcast in the UK.I guess it's the ideal French film, as it has all the right ingredients -- relationships, cigarettes, dingy apartments, garish apartments -- and it's mainly in English! However, I felt like speeding it up all the way through.I could go make a cup of tea and nothing would have happened while I was gone. It was redeemed by bright, clear photography of Paris, and some lovely close-ups of the delicious Elodie Bouchez.I only give it 5, I'm afraid. Pleasant enough, but the Gaga character really irritated me and it was soooo sloooow.