Stupeur et Tremblements (2003)

Original Title : Stupeur et tremblements
Director : Alain Corneau
Writer : Alain Corneau
Amélie Nothomb
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French and Japanese
Producer : Christine Gozlan , Alain Sarde
Photography : Yves Angelo
IMDB ID : 0318725
Official site :
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poster for "Stupeur et Tremblements" by Alain Corneau (2003)
Stupeur et Tremblements (2003) - Alain Corneau


¬Sylvie Testud Am√©lie
¬Kaori Tsuji Fubuki
¬Taro Suwa Monsieur Saito
¬Bison Katayama Monsieur Omochi
¬Yasunari Kondo Monsieur Tenshi
¬Sokyu Fujita Monsieur Haneda
¬Gen Shimaoka Monsieur Unaji
¬Heileigh Gomes Am√©lie enfant
¬Heileigh Gomes Am√©lie enfant


Reality surpasses fiction A friend of mine was wondering aloud whether the story could actually have happened in Japan. Well, I have no answer for that. All I can say is that to me, everydetail was truthful to my not-so-in-depth knowledge of the Japanese culture. Only the gathering of them all in a single story line might yield such a surprising and delightful scenario worth being made into a movie. All the Japanese characters were speaking to me in a moving way, for they were crafted according to real, human beings from everyday life. The casting was excellent and listening to the musicality of a once learned with enthusiasm and now forgotten foreign language was a treat. Casting was excellent and the Japanese actors all embodied perfectly their characters. I missed seeing more Japanese female characters, especially those "office ladies" that would contrast with the leading Japanese lady (Fubuki-san) though, and help understand where she came from. I also missed seeing the French leading lady (Amelie-san) immersed in the Japanese very codified everyday life out of work : the kind of place where she lived, the kind of food she ate, the kind of places where she used to hang around when not spending her nights at the office, how she related with her co-workers, neighbors, friends during her spare time... Have a wonderful time!