Jian Gui (Eye, The) (2002)

What if the reflection you see is not yours

Original Title : Jian gui
Director : Oxide Pang Chun
Danny Pang
Writer : Jo Jo Yuet-chun Hui
Oxide Pang Chun
Danny Pang
Genre : Drama
Country : UK
Language : Cantonese - Thai
Producer : Peter Chan , Peter Chan , Lawrence Cheng , Lawrence Cheng , Jo Jo Yuet-chun Hui , Eric Tsang
Music : Orange Music
Photography : Decha Srimantra
MPAA Rating : Rated R for some disturbing images.
IMDB ID : 0325655
Official site :
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poster for "Jian Gui (Eye, The)" by Oxide Pang Chun | Danny Pang (2002)
Jian Gui (Eye, The) (2002) - Oxide Pang Chun | Danny Pang


¬Angelica Lee Mun (as Lee Sin-je
¬Lawrence Chou Dr. Wah
¬Chutcha Rujinanon Ling
¬Yut Lai So Yingying
¬Candy Lo Yee
¬Yin Ping Ko Mun's grandmother
¬Pierre Png Dr. Eak
¬Edmund Chen Dr. Lo
¬Wai-Ho Yung Mr. Ching
¬Wai-Ho Yung Mr. Ching


A blind girl gets a cornea transplant so that she would be able to see again. However, she got more than what she bargained for when she realised she could even see ghosts. And some of these ghosts are down right unfriendly. So she embarks on a journey to find the origins of her cornea and to reveal the history of the previous dead owner ...


Very creepy horror film. "The Eye"(2002)has to be one of the creepiest horror movies I have seen this year.The "transplant gone awry" concept has been done before-just check out "Body Parts"(1991)or the third story in the horror anthology "Body Bags"(1993),but the Pang Brothers created extremely eerie psychological horror with plenty of genuine scares.Angelica Lee is excellent as a young girl named Mun.Her numerous and extremely creepy encounters with the spirits Mun sees are filled with excellent use of sound.The conclusion is amazing and totally unexpected.The film is very scary and uncanny-it actually reminds me a bit Japanese horror hit "Ringu"(1998).Check it out,if you dare.9 out of 10.The elevator scene blew me away!
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400 x 569
Jian Gui (Eye, The) (2002) - Oxide Pang Chun | Danny Pang
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333 x 500
Jian Gui (Eye, The) (2002) - Oxide Pang Chun | Danny Pang