Lisbon Story (1994)

Original Title : Lisbon Story
Director : Wim Wenders
Writer : Wim Wenders
Genre : Drama
Country : Germany
Language : English, German
Producer : Paulo Branco , João Canijo , Ulrich Felsberg , Wim Wenders
Music : Jürgen Knieper
Photography : Lisa Rinzler
IMDB ID : 0110361
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Lisbon Story (1994) - Wim Wenders


Rüdiger Vogler Phillip Winter
Patrick Bauchau Friedrich Monroe
Vasco Sequeira Truck Driver
Canto e Castro Barber
Viriato Jose da Silva Shoemaker
João Canijo Crook
Ricardo Colares Ricardo
Joel Cunha Ferreira 
Sofia Bénard da Costa Sofia
Vera Cunha Rocha Vera
Elisabete Cunha Rocha Beta
Teresa Salgueiro Herself (Madredeus
Pedro Ayres Magalhães Himself (Madredeus
Rodrigo Leão Himself (Madredeus
Gabriel Gomes Himself (Madredeus
José Peixoto Himself (Madredeus
Francisco Ribeiro Himself (Madredeus
Manoel de Oliveira Himself


The director Friedrich Monroe has trouble with finishing a silent b&,w movie about Lisbon. He calls his friend, the sound ingeneer Phillip Winter, for help. As Winter arrives Lisbon weeks later, Monroe is disappeared but has left the unfinished film. Winter decides to stay, because he is fascinated of the city and the portugesian singer Tersea, and he starts to record the sound of the film. At the same time Monroe cruises through the city with a camcorder and tries to catch unseen pictures. Later they meet and Winter convinces Monroe of finishing the film.


Insulting... I had a trip to Portugal recently so I rented this film. This is definitely an "arty" type film.Virtually every camera scene is a well thought out shot.We have scenes of the country side, the city, the locals, Lisbon etc...Some of scenes are neat, some of them are spectacular, some are nothing to scream about.The movie is also very absent of any dialogue.So basically you have a guy running around looking for his friend.Blah blah, yes we see the aqueduct, the fado singer, streetcars, etc... The movie is just so damn slow and by the time he runs into his friend, the director of this movie decides to give him a monologue about why cinema is dying and how people don't know what's been happening to film and have been brainwashed by lame directors who don't know the true art of filmmaking.This scene is just a TOTALLY ego padding shot for the director.. This movie is just plain BORING..Sure the movie LOOKS great at times, but a movie based on great shots with no characters virtualy and no story is not a total movie.Also scenes are just to obscure and make no damn sense because they are just overloaded with artsy symbolism.Also I felt that having sit through 90 minutes and then have a character BERATE me telling me that cinema is a dead art, and that its viewers are all zombies when I just been sitting through this CRAP I found this highly insulting to my intelligence. If all Wender's films are like this which my sister mentioned,I will NEVER watch another one again.. Rating 2 out of 10
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Lisbon Story (1994) - Wim Wenders
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Lisbon Story (1994) - Wim Wenders
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Lisbon Story (1994) - Wim Wenders