Hammett (1982)

Original Title : Hammett
Director : Wim Wenders
Writer : Joe Gores
Dennis O'Flaherty
Thomas Pope
Ross Thomas
Genre : Mystery
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Ronald Colby , Francis Ford Coppola , Don Guest , Fred Roos , Mona Skager
Music : John Barry
Photography : Joseph F. Biroc
Philip H. Lathrop
IMDB ID : 0085640
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poster for "Hammett" by Wim Wenders (1982)
Hammett (1982) - Wim Wenders


┬Frederic Forrest Hammett
┬Peter Boyle Jimmy Ryan
┬Marilu Henner Kit Conger/Sue Alabama
┬Roy Kinnear English Eddie Hagedorn
┬Elisha Cook Jr. Eli (as Elisha Cook
┬Lydia Lei Crystal Ling
┬R.G. Armstrong Lt. O'Mara
┬Richard Bradford Detective Bradford
┬Michael Chow Fong Wei Yau
┬David Patrick Kelly The Punk
┬Sylvia Sidney Donaldina Cameron
┬Jack Nance Gary Salt
┬Elmer L. Kline Doc Fallon
┬Royal Dano Pops
┬Samuel Fuller Old man in pool hall
┬Lloyd Kino Barber
┬Fox Harris Frank
┬Rose Wong Chinese Laundress
┬Liz Roberson Lady in the Library
┬Jean-Fran├ois Ferreol French Sailor
┬Alison Hong Young Chinese Girl
┬Patricia Kong Chinese Girl in Fong's
┬Lisa Lu Miss Cameron's Assistant
┬Andrew Winner Bank Guard
┬Kenji Shibuya Chinese Bouncer
┬James Quinn Fong's Guard
┬Mark Anger Bartender
┬James Devney Police Projectionist
┬Hank Worden Pool Room Attendant
┬Christopher Day Neighborhood Kid
┬Cicely Rush Neighborhood Kid
┬Christopher Alcalde Man in Boardroom
┬Ben Breslauer Man in Boardroom
┬James Brodhead Man in Boardroom
┬John Hamilton Man in Boardroom
┬John T. Spiotta Man in Boardroom
┬John T. Spiotta Man in Boardroom


The novel writter Dashiell Hammett is involved in the investigation of the mysterious disappearance of a beautiful chinese cabaret actress in San Francisco.


A visual feast for mystery genre fans This film is a fine example of the classic mystery film, such as The Maltese Falcon, updated in color.Rich atmosphere surrounds all the characters. The cast, including Frederic Forrest, Peter Boyle, Marilu Henner!, Elisha Cook, Lydia Lei, do well.It's not perfect, but certain worth a looksee on a dark, foggy night.A solid 9 from me.