Jungle Fever (1991)

Original Title : Jungle Fever
Director : Spike Lee
Writer : Spike Lee
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jon Kilik , Spike Lee , Monty Ross
Music : Terence Blanchard
Stevie Wonder
Photography : Ernest R. Dickerson
IMDB ID : 0102175
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Jungle Fever (1991) - Spike Lee


Wesley Snipes Flipper Purify
Annabella Sciorra Angie Tucci
Spike Lee Cyrus
Ossie Davis The Good Reverend Doctor Purify
Ruby Dee Lucinda Purify
Samuel L. Jackson Gator Purify
Lonette McKee Drew
John Turturro Paulie Carbone
Frank Vincent Mike Tucci
Anthony Quinn Lou Carbone
Halle Berry Vivian
Tyra Ferrell Orin Goode
Veronica Webb Vera
Veronica Timbers Ming
David Dundara Charlie Tucci
Michael Imperioli James Tucci
Nicholas Turturro Vinny
Steven Randazzo Sonny
Joe D'Onofrio Patty
Michael Badalucco Frankie Botz
Anthony Nocerino Veeshay
Debi Mazar Denise
Gina Mastrogiacomo Louise
Tim Robbins Jerry
Brad Dourif Leslie
Phyllis Yvonne Stickney Nilda
Theresa Randle Inez
Pamela Tyson Angela
Rick Aiello Officer Long
Miguel Sandoval Officer Ponte
Charles Q. Murphy Livin' Large
Talese Harris Iris
Averell Curtle Young Panhandler
Melvin Bethea Drug Dealer
Ewart Lauder Drug Dealer
Randolph May Man in Crack House
El-Shah Muhammad Gentleman in Wheelchair
Suzanna White Church Lady
Danielle Coleman Woman Panhandler
Marilyn Nelson Crack Lady
Bob Adrian Man on the Street
Doug E. Doug Friend of Livin' Large
Scot Anthony Robinson 2nd Friend of Livin' Large
Frank Esposito Frankie, Denise's Brother
Joseph Giammarino Boy in Candy Store
Shawn Lowenthal 2nd Boy in Candy Store
Queen Latifah Lashawn
Curtis Atkins Paperboy
Yvette Brooks Mouth
Mamie Louise Anderson Mouth


A successful and married black man contemplates having an affair with a white girl from work. He's quite rightly worried that the racial difference would make an already taboo relationship even worse.


Spike's most personal fil for me Jungle Fever is a film about interacial dating, black romance, fathers &,sons and many other deep issues. The film hit home for me because as a black man who has dated so many white girls. It opened my eyes to a lot of things. I realized that love sees no color and iif you love someone color doesn't matter. Samuel L.Jackson desevered a Oscar Nod for his role as Gator the crack head. Spike delivers once again.
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Jungle Fever (1991) - Spike Lee