Bully (2001)

It's 4 a.m... do you know where your kids are?

Original Title : Bully
Director : Larry Clark
Writer : Jim Schutze
Zachary Long
Roger Pullis
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Music : Eminem
Photography : Steve Gainer
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong violence, sexual content, drug use and language - all involving teens.
IMDB ID : 0242193
Official site :
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Bully (2001) - Larry Clark


Brad Renfro Marty Puccio
Bijou Phillips Ali Willis
Rachel Miner Lisa Connelly
Nick Stahl Bobby Kent
Michael Pitt Donny Semenec
Leo Fitzpatrick The Hitman
Kelli Garner Heather Swallers
Daniel Franzese Cousin Derek
Nathalie Paulding Claudia
Jessica Sutta Blonde
Ed Amatrudo Mr. Kent (as Edward Amatrudo
Steve Raulerson Mr. Willis (as Steven Raulerson
Judy Clayton Mrs. Willis (as Judith Clayton
Alan Lilly Mr. Puccio
Irene B. Colletti Mrs. Puccio
Elizabeth Dimon Ms. Connelly
Ru Flynn Hitman's Mother
Jo-Aynne Von Born Claudia's Mother
Marc Pearson Marty's Brother
Joseph Shrouder Terry
Scott McHugh Boy at Beach
John Parker Video Game Boy
Phillip Ortiz Video Game Boy
Lindzee Warren Girl at Mall
Alexandra Steele Girl at Mall
Sam Steele Hitman Gang Boy
Rick Amicucci Hitman's Brother
Rick Seguso Gay Man
Jesse Dechant Dildo Man
Frank Ilarraza Himself (as Detective Frank Ilarraza
Anthony Barrineau Hitman Gang Boy
Derek Oliveira Hitman Gang Boy
Carlos Hernandez Club Dancer on Stage
Danny Norton Club Dancer on Stage
Larry Clark Hitman's Father (uncredited
Deborah Smith Ford Farah Kent (uncredited
Brent Joseph Whisperer in Dance Club (uncredited
Tiffany Limos Miss Texas (uncredited
Jeanne Orr Rollerblade Girl (uncredited
Al Quinn Attorney (uncredited


After finding himself at the constant abuse of his best friend Bobby, Marty has become fed up with his friend's twisted ways. His girlfriend, a victim of Bobby's often cruel ways, couldn't agree more and they strategize murdering Bobby, with a group of willing and unwilling participants in a small Florida town. In the midst of their plotting, they find themselves contemplating with the possible aftermath of what could happen.


Garbage I don't care what anyone else says, but to me, this movie is pure garbage. I read the book on which this movie is supposedly based and I can assure you that the book is ten times more powerful than this movie is. Some people may call this art even though it is nothing more than pornography. Almost every other scene in the movie has either someone having sex, performing a sexual act, or being naked. Again, I've read the book and the book is nothing like this movie. Director Larry Clark has managed to take a perfectly good and powerful book and turn it into one of the most awful films in recent memory. The book had a message. There is no message to be found in this movie. This movie is exploitive in just about every way. This movie absolutely sickened me. No Stars.
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Bully (2001) - Larry Clark
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Bully (2001) - Larry Clark
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Bully (2001) - Larry Clark