Kids (1995)

Original Title : Kids
Director : Larry Clark
Writer : Larry Clark
Harmony Korine
Jim Lewis
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Leigh Blake , Michael Chambers , Cathy Konrad , Patrick Panzarella , Christine Vachon , Gus Van Sant , Cary Woods , Lauren Zalaznick
Music : Lou Barlow
Mike D
John Davis
Adam Horovitz
Adam Yauch
Photography : Eric Alan Edwards
IMDB ID : 0113540
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Kids (1995) - Larry Clark


┬Leo Fitzpatrick Telly
┬Sarah Henderson Girl
┬Justin Pierce Casper
┬Joseph Chan Deli owner
┬Johnathan Staci Kim Korean guy
┬Adriane Brown Little girl
┬Sajan Bhagat Paul
┬Billy Valdes Stanly
┬Billy Waldeman Zack
┬Javier N├║├▒ez Javier
┬Luis N├║├▒ez Luis
┬Christian Bruna Christian
┬Alex Glen Alex
┬Chlo├ź Sevigny Jennie
┬Rosario Dawson Ruby
┬Julia Mendoza Susan
┬Gillian Goldstein Linda
┬Priscilla Forsyth Diane
┬Francine Fuertes Jennie's nurse
┬Deborah Draper Ruby's nurse
┬Alan Wise Accordion player
┬Billy Solomon Dancing boy
┬Johanna Ignatov Snging woman
┬Raymond Batista Legless man
┬Julie Stebe-Glorius Telly's mom
┬Christiana Stebe-Glorius Telly's little brother
┬Dr. Henry Rasta drug dealer
┬Harold Hunter Harold
┬Jon Abrahams Steven
┬Hamilton Harris Hamilton
┬Jeff Pang Jeff
┬Atabey Rodriguez Misha
┬Giovanni Estevez Kid in park
┬Karyn Grupski Kid in park
┬Mike Hernandez Kid in park
┬Peter Bici Kid in park
┬Ryan Sikorski Kid in park
┬Jim Gordy Kid in park
┬Louie Louie Kid in park
┬John Perez Kid in Park
┬Eddie Peel Kid in park
┬Rich Arbitelle Kid in park
┬Nuri Bell Kid in park
┬Medwin Pang Kid in park
┬Jamie Story Kid in park
┬Jeff Simmons Kid in park
┬JAM Kid in park
┬Daniel Phillips Kid in park
┬Jamal Simmons Kid in park
┬Thierry Oddo Kid in park
┬Ronald Hunter Kid in park
┬Frank Natiello Kid in park
┬John Carter Kid in park
┬John Dean Kid in park
┬Jimmy Lalputan Kid in park
┬Tony Morales Jungle Fever couple
┬Walter Youngblood Jungle Fever couple
┬Ellsworth 'Cisco' Davis Hoodlum
┬Joseph Knopfelmacher Taxi driver
┬Michele Lockwood Kim
┬Carisa Glucksman Joy
┬Scot Schwartz Bennie
┬Yakira Peguero Darcy
┬Sidney Prawatyotin Sid
┬Carl Ly-Min Security guard
┬Avi Korein Fidget
┬Darice Liguidi Kid from Jersey
┬Beth Weinstein Kid from Jersey
┬Jason Iconstanti Kid from Jersey
┬Alexandra Karabell Kid from Jersey
┬Zulaika Velazquez Gertie
┬Nick Lockman Nick
┬Joey Alvarez Joey
┬Gerry Smith Gerry
┬Lavar McBride Lavar
┬Julie Ho Tamara
┬Lila Lee Girl at party
┬Regina Mei Girl at party
┬Amy Moy Girl at party
┬Lisa Acevedo Girl at party
┬Corina Deleon Girl at party
┬Suzanne Wood Girl at party
┬Harmony Korine Club kid (uncredited
┬Exile Ramirez Kid on stoop (uncredited
┬Kara Raynaud Dancer in club (uncredited


A controversial portrayal of teens in New York City which exposes a world which is deeply disturbing. The film focuses on a freckled boy Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick), whose idea of safe sex is to have sex with only virgins. But one girl from one of his past unprotected passion test positive for HIV, and soon finds him making love yet to another unsuspecting girl


About real lives 'Kids' is not a great movie but it is definitely one you will remember. We look at one day in the life of Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick). The only thing he is interested in is having sex. The best thing to do, so he says, is deflowering virgins. The movie opens with him in bed with one of his virgins. She is afraid she gets pregnant. "That's not gonna happen," he says. She asks why and his reply is: "Because I love you, I care about you." The next minute he has what he wants. A couple of hours later he is telling his best friend Casper (Justin Pierce) all about it. Kids like him do exist. He is evil in a way, but probably doesn't no better in another way and how Leo Fitzpatrick handles the character is great. There is a scene with his mother that will say enough about how he grew up. The movie introduces another girl who only slept with Telly in her life. She is tested positive on HIV and wants to find Telly to talk to him about it. We follow her in some conversations and on parties as well and we get the idea how the lives of all those kids are. The same time Telly tries to get another girl into his bed. She is the sister of one of his friends. The movie doesn't have a real story but the things we see speak for themselves. The movie warns you for the danger of HIV and things like that, it shows what can happen when parents are not at all involved in their kids lives and it shows what alcohol and drugs can do. The last things is showed in one of the closing scenes and it really is disturbing. On the other hand some things can be a little overrated. Most people were drunk once in their lives and since soft-drugs are basically legal here I have seen enough in that area as well and it never got that for. Of course there are exceptions and I think the movie shows us one of them. In the end we have a good movie that really wants to say something and that can only be a good thing.
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Kids (1995) - Larry Clark
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Kids (1995) - Larry Clark