Sirène du Mississippi, La (Mississippi Mermaid) (1969)

Original Title : Sirène du Mississippi, La
Director : François Truffaut
Writer : François Truffaut
François Truffaut
Cornell Woolrich
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Marcel Berbert , Marcel Berbert
Music : Antoine Duhamel
Photography : Denys Clerval
IMDB ID : 0064990
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poster for "Sirène du Mississippi, La (Mississippi Mermaid)" by François Truffaut (1969)
Sirène du Mississippi, La (Mississippi Mermaid) (1969) - François Truffaut


Jean-Paul Belmondo Louis Mahé
Catherine Deneuve Julie Roussel/Marion Vergano
Nelly Borgeaud Berthe
Martine Ferrière Landlady
Marcel Berbert Jardine
Yves Drouhet Detective
Michel Bouquet Camolli
Roland Thénot Richard


Louis Mahe is a tobacco planter at Reunion Island. He is waiting for Julie Roussel to marry her. He only knows her by mail. The woman that comes does not like the picture he got, but he marries her anyway. Soon, she flees with Louis' money. She was not the real Julie Roussel but Marion. Louis tries to find her... Another Truffaut's film about passion.


criminally underrated gem This is one of the best films I've seen in the last years.Belmonndo and Deneuve shine in their respective roles, he as a naive plantation owner and she as an enigmatic trickster.Words won't do this masterpiece justice,suffice it to say that this is a movie that explores the darker side of love and the pain,humiliation and capacity for self-delusion that go with it, although it's dressed as a film noir. Forget that feeble remake with Jolie and Banderas, see the genuine artticle instead and treat yourselves to some moments of great cinematic beauty.