Nuts in May (1976)

Original Title : Nuts in May
Director : Mike Leigh
Writer : Mike Leigh
Genre : Comedy
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : David Rose
Photography : Michael Williams
IMDB ID : 0074988
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Nuts in May (1976) - Mike Leigh


¬Eric Allan Quarryman
¬Stephen Bill Finger
¬Richenda Carey Miss Beale
¬Matthew Guinness Farmer
¬Richard Ireson Policeman
¬Sheila Kelley Honky
¬Anthony O'Donnell Ray
¬Roger Sloman Keith
¬Alison Steadman Candice Marie
¬Sally Watts Farm-Girl


Their Morris packed to the gills, the punctilious Keith and the more spontaneous Candice-Marie arrive at a Dorset campground where they pay £10 in advance for ten nights. It's peaceful: they visit Corfe Castle, eat vegetarian food, and go in search of raw milk. Then a fellow with a loud radio pitches his tent near theirs: Keith is beside himself and it doesn't help when Candice-Marie decides to befriend the young man. Things get worse when a couple arrive on a motorcycle, make noisy love in their tent, and then start an illegal campfire. It's too much for Keith: he loses it. Will our middle-class couple find a bucolic corner, or are they doomed to brawl with the noisy and unwashed?


Mike Leigh is a genius, "I want to see the sea, she said" Lucas and Speilberg take note this is how you make great films.... that's how I feel about this made for TV film, from the seventies, if you are a fan of Independent cinema, then I urge you to go out and buy this film,.Mike Leigh, along with Ken Loach are arguably Britains' best film makers, and although not to everyones taste, you can only enjoy films such as Nuts in May, how can a film about a strict vegetarian couple on a camping trip can be so good? I hear you ask , trust me it is. I don't want to spoil this for anyone who has not seen it, but you will almost wet yourself with laughter.Special mention must go to Roger Sloman, who is one of the most underrated British actors ever.He has turned out in mostly the same role as a 'typical b*****d' such as Keith Pratt, and the TV man/holiday maker in Neils bedroomin the Young Ones. Along with Alison Steadman ( another Mike Leigh regular ) the performances are fantastic, watch out for the scene where they 'force' fellow camper Ray to join in their sing-a-long,Unforgettable * * * * *
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Nuts in May (1976) - Mike Leigh