All Or Nothing (2002)

Original Title : All or Nothing
Director : Mike Leigh
Writer : Mike Leigh
Genre : Drama
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Simon Channing-Williams , Pierre Edelman , Georgina Lowe , Alain Sarde
Music : Andrew Dickson
Photography : Dick Pope
MPAA Rating : Rated R for pervasive language and some sexuality.
IMDB ID : 0286261
Official site :
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All Or Nothing (2002) - Mike Leigh


Timothy Spall Phil
Lesley Manville Penny
Alison Garland Rachel
James Corden Rory
Ruth Sheen Maureen
Marion Bailey Carol
Paul Jesson Ron
Sam Kelly Sid
Kathryn Hunter Cécile
Sally Hawkins Samantha
Helen Coker Donna
Daniel Mays Jason
Ben Crompton Craig
Robert Wilfort Dr. Simon Griffith
Gary McDonald Neville
Diveen Henry Dinah
Timothy Bateson Harold
Edna Doré Martha
Georgia Fitch Ange
Tracy O'Flaherty Michelle
Jean Ainslie Old Lady
Badi Uzzaman Passenger
Parvez Qadir Passenger
Russell Mabey Nutter
Thomas Brown-Lowe Small Boy
Oliver Golding Small Boy
Henri McCarthy Small Boy
Ben Wattley Small Boy
Leo Bill Young Man
Peter Stockbridge Man with Flowers
Brian Bovell Garage Owner
Michele Austin Care Worker
Alex Kelly Neurotic Woman
Alan Williams Drunk
Peter Yardley MC
Dawn Davis Singer
Emma Lowndes Party-Girl
Maxine Peake Party-Girl
Matt Bardock Man at Bar
Mark Benton Man at Bar
Dorothy Atkinson Silent Passenger
Heather Craney Silent Passenger
Martin Savage Silent Passenger
Joe Tucker Fare Dodger
Di Botcher Supervisor Nurse
Valerie Hunkins Doctor
Valerie Hunkins Doctor


Penny's love for her partner, taxi-driver Phil, has run dry. He is a gentle, philosophical guy, and she works on the checkout at a supermarket. Their daughter Rachel cleans in a home for elderly people, and their son Rory is unemployed and aggressive. The joy has gone out of Phil's and Penny's life, but when an unexpected tragedy occurs, they are brought together to rediscover their love. All or Nothing is set on a London working-class housing estate over a long weekend, and also tells the stories of a range of Phil and Penny's neighbors, some of whom become involved in the family's lives, and all of whom experience an emotional journey.


Kind of like going to the dentist. "All or Nothing" is a slice-of-wretched-life flick about a miserable dysfunctional working class London family. There's little arc to the story of walrus Phil Bassett and family who move sloth-like from day to day unhappy and unfulfilled. Undoubtedly an excellent film by film making standards, Mike Leigh puts the audience in the position of having to accept his characters' plaintive existence on faith by not showing the psychodynamics which perpetuate their misery and just giving us the result. In other words, we see sad people stewing in their own juices which makes the buy-in difficult and the protagonists more ignoble. Personally I was happy to see the foul mouthed fat kid keel over from heart attack though I don't think that was how Leigh intended the audience to react and I suspect many a weeping wallower was wringing tears from their hanky. Given a 2 hour run, misery throughout, and character we couldn't care less about without charity, most will find "All or Nothing" more nothing than all. (B)
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All Or Nothing (2002) - Mike Leigh
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All Or Nothing (2002) - Mike Leigh
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All Or Nothing (2002) - Mike Leigh