Julien Donkey Boy (1999)

Original Title : Julien Donkey-Boy
Director : Harmony Korine
Writer : Harmony Korine
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jim Czarnecki , Scott Macaulay , Robin O'Hara , Cary Woods
Music : Jim O'Rourke
David Pajo
Photography : Anthony Dod Mantle
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language, some sexuality and disturbing images.
IMDB ID : 0192194
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Julien Donkey Boy (1999) - Harmony Korine


Ewen Bremner Julien
Brian Fisk Pond Boy
Chloë Sevigny Pearl (as Chloe Sevigny
Werner Herzog Father
Joyce Korine Grandma
Evan Neumann Chris
Miriam Martínez Teenage Girl (as Miriam Martinez
Edgar Erikkson Bearded Man
James Moix Dancing Man
Victor Varnado Rapper
Oliver A. Bueno Bowler
Roger Harris Bowler
Josseph Padilla Bowler
Olivia Pérez Bowler (as Olivia Perez
Freddie Perez Bowler
Carmelo Rodriguez Bowler
Chrissy Kobylak Chrissy
Carmel Gayle Clothing Store Cashier
Herman Reimmer Man in Clothing Store
Virginia Reath Gynecologist
Mary O'Hara Nun
Alvin Law Card-Playing Neighbor
Donna Smith Dancing Woman
Gary Berman Piano Player
Tom Mullica Magician
Johnie Mae Allen Partygoer (as Johnny Mae Allen
Timothy Allen Partygoer
George Ashiotis Partygoer
Benjamin Butler Partygoer
Joneiry Delarosa Partygoer
Eternal Divine Partygoer
Edery Herrera Partygoer
Ruby Rodriguez Partygoer
Xenophon A. Theophall Partygoer
Archie MacGregor Amnesiac Patient
Jeanmarie Evans Amnesiac Patient
Ricky Ashley Hasidic Boy
Courtney DeBlis Skater
Marybeth Grunstra Skater
Heidi Vanderhoof Skater
Hy Richards Doctor
Barry Wernick Doctor
Clinton Wright Doctor
Carmela García Nurse
Punky Himself
Will Oldham (uncredited
Debra Venedam Skating Spectator (uncredited


Hilarious,Harrowing and heartbreaking!! Harmony Korine has really made a masterpiece this time.The film is funny sad and very beautiful. There is alot of weirdness, and the performances are great. Chloe Sevigny is absolutely beautiful, she really steals the movie. Ewen Bremner is incredible in the lead role, he is so convincing asthe schizophrenichero who is on the edge at all times. The movie is also a dark parable about contemporary life. It's difficult because of the themes it deals with, but it is a very deep and rewarding movie that will really affect you.
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Julien Donkey Boy (1999) - Harmony Korine
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Julien Donkey Boy (1999) - Harmony Korine