Picking Up The Pieces (2000)

Original Title : Picking Up the Pieces
Director : Alfonso Arau
Writer : Bill Wilson
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Alfonso Arau , Donald Kushner , Peter Locke , Mimi Polk , Paul Sandberg , Rony Yacov , Tamar Yacov
Music : Ruy Folguera
Photography : Vittorio Storaro
MPAA Rating : Rated R for sexuality and language.
IMDB ID : 0192455
Official site :
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Picking Up The Pieces (2000) - Alfonso Arau


Woody Allen Tex Cowley
Sharon Stone Candy Cowley
Alfonso Arau Dr. Amado
Brian Brophy CNN Reporter
Betty Carvalho Juana
Enrique Castillo Grasiento
Jorge Cervera Jr. Unojo
O'Neal Compton Texas John
Maria Grazia Cucinotta Desi
Marcus Demian Ricardo
Danny De La Paz Lalo Taxi Driver
Andy Dick Father Buñuel
Jeannine De La Torre Young Mexican Mother
Fran Drescher Sister Frida
Richard Edson Edsel Farkus
Elliott Gould Father LaCage
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Flaco
Darius Grace Paco
Eddie Griffin Sediento
Jackie Guerra Meche
Jon Huertas Paulo (as John Huertas
Kathy Kinney Mrs. Tattler
Mía Maestro Carla
Cheech Marin Mayor Machado
Miguel Mas Workman
Fritz Mashimo Japanese Pilgrim
Kit McDonough Alabama Tourist
Lupe Ontiveros Constancia
Dyana Ortelli Gaga
Lou Diamond Phillips Officer Alfonso
Barbara Pilavin Old Miracle Seeker
Tony Plana Usher
Andrew Roa Zuni Investor
Valente Rodriguez Cuetero
Richard C. Sarafian Wino (as Richard Sarafian
David Schwimmer Leo Jerome
Pepe Serna Florencio
Angélica Aragón Dolores
Kiefer Sutherland Bobo
Cecilia Tijerina Leticia
April White Conchata Ortiz
Dana Woods Pequeño
Flaco Jiménez Sordo's Band: Sordo
Raul Rubio Sordo's Band: Guitar &
Ismael Gallegos Sordo's Band: Saxophone
Juan Jiménez Sordo's Band: Guitar
Joey Heredia Sordo's Band: Percussion &
Lazaro Arvizu Aztec Dancer
Juan Diego Ayala Aztec Dancer
Olga Perez Aztec Dancer
Jessica Batres Aztec Dancer
Susan Armijo Aztec Dancer
Gabriel Sória Aztec Dancer
Hector Elizondo (uncredited
Jan Pessano Nurse Margaret (uncredited
Scott Sandler Tatoo (uncredited
Lily Tomlin (uncredited


Woody Allen plays Tex, a kosher butcher. Sharon Stone plays his unfaithful wife Candy. Tex catches Candy in the act and in a fit of rage he kills her. To conceal his crime he cuts up her body and buries it in the desert in New Mexico. However, when her hand surfaces, a blind woman trips over it and it restores her sight. The hand is then considered to be the "hand of the Virgin." Despite the church's fallen priest (played by David Schwimmer) objecting, the ambitious mayor of the town (Cheech Marin) creates an international three-ring circus of miracle-seekers, TV crews, and born-again local prostitutes all interested in the hand. All of this goes on while Tex is desperately trying to recover the hand before the sheriff (Kiefer Sutherland) finds it and uses it as evidence against him.


If Tex hadn't killed her this film would. Someone had an idea and someone had a camera, but no one should have bothered to make it a movie. I sincerely hope whatever favors were owed by the cast to the film's producer, the debt has been repaid. If there was a casting director, hopefully he or she used another name. Drescher,Gould and Dick haven't a breath of humor between them and David Schwimmer couldn't convince me he was David Schwimmer let alone a tormented(or horny)priest. And Woody Allen as Tex, what was that all about? The idea was cute, but not the movie.
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Picking Up The Pieces (2000) - Alfonso Arau
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323 x 475
Picking Up The Pieces (2000) - Alfonso Arau
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Picking Up The Pieces (2000) - Alfonso Arau
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Picking Up The Pieces (2000) - Alfonso Arau