Xich lo (Cyclo) (1995)

From the director of the Academy Award Nominated film "The Scent of Green Papaya" comes a shocking new vision of beauty, passion and power.

Original Title : Xich lo
Director : Anh Hung Tran
Writer : Trung Binh Nguyen
Anh Hung Tran
Genre : Crime
Country : Vietnam
Language : Vietnamese, Italian
Producer : Adeline Lecallier , Alain Rocca , Christophe Rossignon
Music : Tôn-Thât Tiêt
Photography : Benoît Delhomme
Laurence Trémolet
IMDB ID : 0112767
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Xich lo (Cyclo) (1995) - Anh Hung Tran


Le Van Loc Cyclo
Tony Leung Chiu Wai Poet
Tran Nu Yên-Khê Sister
Nhu Quynh Nguyen Madam
Hoang Phuc Nguyen Tooth
Ngo Vu Quang Hal Knife
Tuyet Ngan Nguyen Happy Woman
Doan Viet Ha Sad Woman
Bjuhoang Huy Crazy Son
Vo Vinh Phuc Cyclo's Friend
Le Kinh Huy Grandfather
Pham Ngoc Lieu Little Sister
Le Tuan Anh Handcuff Man
Le Cong Tuan Anh Drunken Dancer
Van Day Nguyen Lullaby Man
Bui Thi Mingh Duc Poet's Mother
Trinh Thinh Foot Fetishist
Din Tho Nguyen Poet's Father
Viet Thang Nguyen Cocaine Policeman
Thanh Lam Singer
Gia Khoan Government Official
Huang Kiem Man at TAK-47
Mao Can Urine Fetishist
Chu Hung Money Thief
Manh Cuong Tran Cabaret Man
Quoc Hung Tran Gorilla
Truong Thanh Nghi Victim of the Lullaby
Pham Hai Truong Nguyen Thi Hoa
Loc Tran Fireman
Minh Tuan Tran Old Man
Van Dung Nguyen Petrol Seller
Pham Duy Huong Old Man
Le Thai Ngoc Hoan Child of the Fountain
Ba Phan Chalatoan Napping Client
Dang Minh Chau Friend of the Cyclo
Van Loi Tran Friend of the Cyclo
Le Anh Son Friend of the Cyclo
Phan Van Nhun Pox Sufferer
Dang Van Duc Pox Sufferer
Nhat Yu Tran Pox Sufferer
Huu Chau Nguyen Pox Sufferer
Thai Ong Lai Pox Sufferer


A young man who struggles through life by earning some money with his bicycle-taxi in Saigon (Ho-Chi-Min-City) gets contact to a group of criminals. They introduce him to the mafia-world of drugs and crime.


One of the greatest independent films "Cyclo" is one of the greatest independent movies ever made. Vietnamese Auteur Tran Anh Hung shows how by accident violence becomes dominant in the life of a poor, young worker toiling in the streets of Saigon. Brilliantly shot with sometimes shocking and very intimate close-ups of violence and perversion, this movie deserves more attention. Besides "Cyclo" is also a documentary about the sad daily street life in giant third world cities and the permanent fight to survive.
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Xich lo (Cyclo) (1995) - Anh Hung Tran