Naked (1993)

Original Title : Naked
Director : Mike Leigh
Writer : Mike Leigh
Genre : Drama
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Simon Channing-Williams
Music : Andrew Dickson
Photography : Dick Pope
IMDB ID : 0107653
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Naked (1993) - Mike Leigh


David Thewlis Johnny
Lesley Sharp Louise Klemser
Katrin Cartlidge Sophie, Louise's Roomate
Greg Cruttwell Jeremy G. Smart aka Sebastian Hawks
Claire Skinner Sandra the Nurse
Peter Wight Brian the Nightwatchman
Ewen Bremner Archie the Scotsman with a Tick
Susan Vidler Maggie, Archie's Girl
Deborah MacLaren Woman in Window
Gina McKee Cafe Girl
Carolina Giammetta Masseuse
Elizabeth Berrington Giselle the Waitress
Darren Tunstall Poster Man
Robert Putt Chauffeur
Lynda Rooke Victim
Angela Curran Car Owner
Peter Whitman Mr. Halpern, Louise's Boss
Jo Abercrombie Woman in Street
Elaine Britten Girl in Porsche with Jeremy
David Foxxe Tea Bar Owner
Mike Avenall Man at Tea Bar
Toby Jones Man at Tea Bar
Sandra Voe Bag Lady


Johnny flees Manchester for London, to avoid a beating from the family of a girl he has raped. There he finds an old girlfriend, and spends some time homeless, spending much of his time ranting at strangers, and meeting characters in plights very much like his own.


Is there only one way to have sex....through date rape? You may think me crass, but I have just read all the other contents: most men think it's great, the few women that commented thought it ludicrous.I happen to agree that David Thewlis is brilliant, (see "Total Eclispse" for further confirmation) and he is the rare man who shows off his jewels for the world to see in both movies. But without the fantastic wit and the great writing, this movie would be just one more wallow in the miseries of lower-class English life (?). It would have been nice for a contrast if there had been at least one act between consenting adults that had some tenderness in it.Jonny cares for no one, least of all himself. Is it Samuel Beckett that does the 'theatre of the absurd'?If so, the man guarding 'space' was a perfect representation of the emptiness of our thing-obsessed lives.And the words about future, current and past time were intriguing. The women were pitiful, and their decision not to call the cops really didn't make sense.I can't believe English cops would be that sadistic, leaving them in harm's way.Don't they have restraining orders over there?But there was also a sado-masochistic flavor to this movie as well.....even the girl with the butcher knife added to it. Thought the most important reason for re-watching this movie is to get the sometimes obscure but excellent dialogue, I mention the sexual aspects merely because noone else has.The most gripping scene was that after DT has been beaten horribly, and he screams out to or about his father's beatings, writhing around on the floor.If you're really down, see this movie.It's SOOOOOO much further down than you could ever be without having a terminal disease, and so will bring you up.
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Naked (1993) - Mike Leigh
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Naked (1993) - Mike Leigh