Amour à mort, L' (Love Unto Death) (1984)

Original Title : Amour à mort, L'
Director : Alain Resnais
Writer : Jean Gruault
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Philippe Dussart
Music : Hans Werner Henze
Photography : Sacha Vierny
IMDB ID : 0086890
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poster for "Amour à mort, L' (Love Unto Death)" by Alain Resnais (1984)
Amour à mort, L' (Love Unto Death) (1984) - Alain Resnais


Sabine Azéma Elisabeth Sutter
Fanny Ardant Judith Martignac
Pierre Arditi Simon Roche
André Dussollier Jérôme Martignac
Jean Dasté Dr. Rozier
Geneviève Mnich Anne Jourdet
Jean-Claude Weibel Le spécialiste
Louis Castel Michel Garenne
Franoise Rigal Juliette Dotax
Franoise Morhange Mme Vigne
Jean Champion .... Voice voice
Yvette Etiévant Voice (voice
Bernard Malaterre Voice (voice


Elisabeth and Simon have been deeply in love for two months when Simon momentarily dies, but comes back to life. Simon does not want any further medical tests, but the couple are forced to grapple with the possibility of his death. They eventually tell their close friends Jérôme and Judith Martignac about the event. The Martignacs are both clerics, and Judith has just been giving a funeral service for a villager who committed suicide, though Jérôme would have nothing to do with suicide...


troubling but somewhere too long Perfect cast for a few-person drama. Simon is dead but somehow resurrects from outside. What he had seen there is displayed in form of blank spots orchestrated to a magnificent score by German avant-garde composer Werner Henze. Simon is haunted by his death, comforted by support of death people he'd seen on the other side. His girlfriend tries to hold him to life but failing to, decides to follow him after his finally occurring death. Very touchyand moving, deeply psychological, but a bit slow and somewhere even boring.