Angel Heart (1987)

It will scare you to your very soul.

Original Title : Angel Heart
Director : Alan Parker
Writer : William Hjortsberg
Alan Parker
Genre : Horror
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Robert Dattila , Mario Kassar , Elliott Kastner , Alan Marshall , Andrew G. Vajna
Music : Arthur Freed
Trevor Jones
Abe Lyman
Photography : Michael Seresin
IMDB ID : 0092563
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Angel Heart (1987) - Alan Parker


┬Mickey Rourke Harold R. 'Harry' Angel
┬Robert De Niro Louis Cyphre
┬Lisa Bonet Epiphany Proudfoot
┬Charlotte Rampling Margaret Krusemark
┬Stocker Fontelieu Ethan Krusemark
┬Brownie McGhee Toots Sweet
┬Michael Higgins Dr. Albert Fowler
┬Elizabeth Whitcraft Connie
┬Eliott Keener Sterne
┬Charles Gordone Spider Simpson, Bandleader
┬Dann Florek Herman Winesap
┬Kathleen Wilhoite Nurse
┬George Buck Izzy
┬Judith Drake Izzy's Wife
┬Gerald Orange Pastor John (as Gerald L. Orange
┬Peggy Severe Mammy Carter, Herb Store Proprietor
┬Pruitt Taylor Vince Delmos
┬Dave Petitjean Baptism Preacher (as David Petitjean
┬Rick Washburn Cajun Heavy
┬Neil Newlon Second Cajun Heavy
┬Oakley Dalton Big Jacket
┬Yvonne Bywaters Margaret's Maid
┬Loys T. Bergeron Mike
┬Joshua Frank Toothless
┬Karmen Harris Harlem Mourner
┬Nicole Burdette Ellie
┬Kendall Lupe Oyster Cajun
┬Percy Martin Oyster Cajun
┬Viola Dunbar Concierge
┬Murray Bandel Bartender
┬Jarrett Narcisse Epiphany's Child
┬Ernest Watson Oyster Bar Saxophonist
┬Rickie Monie Oyster Bar Pianist
┬Sugar Blue Toots Sweet Band - Harmonica
┬Pinetop Perkins Toots Sweet Band - Piano
┬Deacon John Moore Toots Sweet Band - Lead Guitar
┬Richard Payne Toots Sweet Band - Double Bass
┬W. Alonzo Stewart Toots Sweet Band - Drums
┬Lillian Boutte Toots Sweet Band - Vocalist
┬Joel Adam Tap Dancer
┬Darrell Beasley Tap Dancer
┬Stephen Beasley Tap Dancer
┬Jerome Reddick Tap Dancer
┬Louis Freddie Kohlman Voodoo Drums
┬Stephen Kenyatta Simon Voodoo Drums
┬Curtis Pierre Voodoo Drums
┬Kufaru Aaron Mouton Voodoo Drums
┬Roselyn Lionheart Voodoo Musician
┬Marilyn Banks Voodoo Dancer
┬Lula Elzy Voodoo Dancer
┬Francesca J. Ridge Voodoo Dancer
┬Hope Clarke Voodoo Dancer
┬Oscar Best Voodoo Dancer
┬Sarita Allen Voodoo Dancer
┬Noel Jones Voodoo Dancer
┬Valerie Jackson Voodoo Dancer
┬Greer Goff Voodoo Dancer
┬Arlena Rolant Voodoo Dancer
┬Karen Davis Voodoo Dancer
┬Shirleta Jones Voodoo Dancer
┬Mark L. Taylor Voodoo Dancer (as Mark Taylor


Harry Angel is a private investigator. He is hired by a man who calls himself Louis Cyphre to track down a singer called Johnny Favorite. As he begins to investigate, all the people he contacts concerning Johnny are killed in mysterious ways. As he finds out more about himself and his client he discovers that he is fighting for his very existence and is forced to deal with the devil himself.


A movie filled with paradoxes Angel Heart is one of the most frightening movies I've ever seen.The reason it is frightening is if only for the ending.But the script and the direction leads up to that critical point and even if you have figured it out by then, you are still mesmerized by the last shot of Deniro. This movie is unique in the fact that almost every shot, every frame has another meaning to it.There is always something lurking behind the forbidden creeking doors of your mind, waiting to jump out at you.But it never does.It never becomes obvious and obtrusive.The script is too smart for that and it lets you pick up on things for yourself.Take for example the ominous use of fans in the film.Why are they there and what purpose do they serve?There is a reason for them and it is not because the characters need to stay cool in the literal sense. Take the name of the firm that hires Harry Angel to search for his missing party.Winesap and Macintosh.Strange names indeed, but a clever twist on words.There are also many shots of split images.Why? This movie is so atmospheric and brilliant that you really have to watch it more than once to fully appreciate it.I know I did. Then there is the performances.Mickey Rourke was born to play Harry Angel and Deniro plays the most sinister character I have seen in film in years.He is sinsiter not because of his known intentions, but because of what is unknown.And he has some great lines.For example " they say there is just enough religion in the world to make men hate one another but not enough to make them love. "How true.And " How terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise. "Truly brilliant stuff.This is one terrific hidden gem!
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Angel Heart (1987) - Alan Parker
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Angel Heart (1987) - Alan Parker