Que viva Mexico! (1932)

Original Title : ¡Que viva Mexico!
Director : Sergei M. Eisenstein
Grigori Aleksandrov
Writer : Grigori Aleksandrov
Country : USA
Language : Silent
Producer : Kate Crane Gartz , S. Hillkowitz , Otto Kahn , Hunter S. Kimbrough , Mary Craig Sinclair , Upton Sinclair
Music : Juan Aguilar
Francisco Comacho Vega
Photography : Gabriel Figueroa
Eduard Tisse
IMDB ID : 0022756
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poster for "Que viva Mexico!" by Sergei M. Eisenstein | Grigori Aleksandrov (1932)
Que viva Mexico! (1932) - Sergei M. Eisenstein | Grigori Aleksandrov


Félix Balderas Sebastian's brother
Martín Hernández Sebastian
David Liceága Matador
Julio Saldívar Hacendado
Isabel Villaseñor Maria


Interesting mix of documentary and story Straightforward but sometimes surreal mixture of documentary and action film (in the revolutionary/western vein).The film was apparently never finished, which makes a fair estimate of its real worth impossible to reach.Some surprisingly vivid violence acted out in a way that kills all possible realism.Nice attention to detail in the scenic photography and in the sometimes grimey characterizations.Contains a possibly exaggerated, certainly negative portrayal of Roman Catholocism that many viewers will find objectionable (with pretty good cause, this is basically hateful propaganda).Big cactuses make for some strange shots. I noticed that many of the shots in the confrontations were done in a way that was strikingly similar to Sergio Leone's "Fistful of Dollars" and its many imitations.Has anyone looked into this, and investigated if Leone was influenced by this film, or if he could even have seen it?
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331 x 475
Que viva Mexico! (1932) - Sergei M. Eisenstein | Grigori Aleksandrov
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397 x 551
Que viva Mexico! (1932) - Sergei M. Eisenstein | Grigori Aleksandrov