Ivan Groznyj (Ivan the Terrible) (1945)

Original Title : Ivan Groznyj I
Director : Sergei M. Eisenstein
Writer : Sergei M. Eisenstein
Genre : Drama
Country : Soviet Union
Language : Russian
Producer : Sergei M. Eisenstein
Music : Sergei Prokofiev
Photography : Andrei Moskvin
Eduard Tisse
IMDB ID : 0037824
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poster for "Ivan Groznyj (Ivan the Terrible)" by Sergei M. Eisenstein (1945)
Ivan Groznyj (Ivan the Terrible) (1945) - Sergei M. Eisenstein


Nikolai Cherkasov Czar Ivan IV
Lyudmila Tselikovskaya Czarina Anastasia Romanovna
Serafima Birman Boyarina Efrosinia Staritskaya
Mikhail Nazvanov Prince Andrei Kurbsky
Mikhail Zharov Czar's Guard Malyuta Skuratov
Amvrosi Buchma Czar's Guard Aleksei Basmanov
Mikhail Kuznetsov Fyodor Basmanov
Pavel Kadochnikov Vladimir Andreyevich Staritsky
Andrei Abrikosov Boyar Fyodor Kolychev
Aleksandr Mgebrov Novgorod's Archbishop Pimen
Maksim Mikhajlov Archdeacon
Vsevolod Pudovkin Nikola, a Simple Beggar rest of cast listed alphabetically
Valentina Kuznetsova A smiling woman in the church (uncredited
A. Rumnyov The Stranger (uncredited
Semyon Timoshenko Kaspar von Oldenbock, Livonian ambassador (uncredited


In 1547, Ivan IV (1530-1584), archduke of Moscow, crowns himself Tsar of Russia and sets about reclaiming lost Russian territory. In scenes of his coronation, his wedding to Anastasia, his campaign against the Tartars in Kazan, his illness when all think he will die, recovery, campaigns in the Baltic and Crimea, self-imposed exile in Alexandrov, and the petition of Muscovites that he return, his enemies among the boyars threaten his success. Chief among them are his aunt, who wants to advance the fortunes of her son, a simpleton, and Kurbsky, a warrior prince who wants both power and the hand of Anastasia. Ivan deftly plays to the people to consolidate his power.


A powerful experience. A film about power,jealousy and humanity.A really detailed chronicle about Czar Ivan IV's life.Eisenstein was one of the greatest director´s ever and this film is so brilliant and inspiring as it could get.The acting is very powerful and the screenplay,settings,the cinematography and the music is fantastic.It´s historical interesting but most of all because it´s about humanity.It was made under the world war two. The sequence were Ivan is sick really touched me.Just take the example when prince Andrei Kurbsky is talking to Ivan´s wife about taking him exactly after he think´s that Ivan has died.Then the camera films on a painting on the wall just as if they was being watched. A big epic masterpiece is truly what this film is.A bit frightening to.Visual magnificent.I haven´t seen part two yet but I will soon see it and I hope that I will found it as good as this.Without a doubt 5/5