Flesh (1968)

Original Title : Flesh
Director : Paul Morrissey
Writer : Paul Morrissey
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Andy Warhol
Photography : Paul Morrissey
IMDB ID : 0062979
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Flesh (1968) - Paul Morrissey


ÂJoe Dallesandro Joe
ÂGeraldine Smith Geri
ÂPatti D'Arbanville Patti
ÂCandy Darling Candy rest of cast listed alphabetically Maurice Braddell .... The Artist
ÂBarry Brown New Hustler On Street (with dialogue
ÂJackie Curtis Jackie
ÂGeri Miller Teri
ÂLouis Waldon David


Joe Dallesandro plays a heroin junkie who works as a male prostitute in the streets of New York to support his habit, as well as his wife's, who happens to be a lesbian.

Comments's a curio. Technically abominable (with audible "pops" between scenes)and awesomely amateurish, "Flesh" requires a lot of patience to sit through and will probably turn off most viewers, but the dialogue rings amazingly true and Joe Dallesandro, who exposes his body in almost every scene, also gives an utterly convincing performance. A curio, to be sure, but the more polished "Trash", made two years later, is a definite step forward. I suggest you watch that instead.(*1/2)
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Flesh (1968) - Paul Morrissey
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Flesh (1968) - Paul Morrissey