Committed (2000)

She'll get what she matter what it takes!

Original Title : Committed
Director : Lisa Krueger
Writer : Lisa Krueger
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jonathan Gordon, Marlen Hecht, Guy J. Louthan, Patrick Peach, Dean Silvers, Amy Slotnick, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein
Music : Joey Burns
John Convertino
Photography : Tom Krueger
Distributor : Kinowelt Filmverleih, Miramax Films, RCV Film Distribution, RCV Film Distribution, RCV Film Distribution
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language.
IMDB ID : 0144142
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poster for "Committed" by Lisa Krueger (2000)
Committed (2000) - Lisa Krueger


┬Heather Graham Joline
┬Casey Affleck Jay
┬Luke Wilson Carl
┬Goran Visnjic Niko / Neil
┬Patricia Velasquez Carmen
┬Alfonso Arau Grampy
┬Mark Ruffalo T-Bo
┬Kim Dickens Jenny
┬Clea DuVall Mimi (as Clea Duvall)
┬Summer Phoenix Meg
┬Art Alexakis New York Car Thief
┬Mary Kay Place Psychiatrist
┬Dylan Baker Carl's Editor
┬Wood Harris Chicky
┬Laurel Holloman Adelle
┬Robert Acosta Pierced Man (as Robert Acosto)
┬Davina Lane Pierced Woman
┬William Marsh Hyundai Man
┬Kymberley McMahan Hyundai Woman (as Kyme McMahan)
┬Robert Holguin El Paso Times Photographer
┬Benjamin Jacob Lewis Toby
┬Javier Renteria Cop
┬Rafael Anaya Cop
┬Forrest Silvers Wedding Guest
┬Tyler Silvers Wedding Guest
┬Lars Fox Club Band Member: Inspiration (uncredited)
┬David Loprinzi Club Band Member: Inspiration (uncredited)
┬Daniel Luj├ín Mexican Villager (uncredited)
┬Jon Stewart Birthday Party Guest (uncredited)


The plot of "Committed" is centered around the story of an intense young woman, played by Graham, whose husband leaves her in order to find himself. She then follows him cross-country and when she catches up with him, complications arise.


Jolene (Heather Graham) operates a night club in NYC and lives with her husband, Carl (Luke Wilson), a photographer. After about 500 days of marriage, Jolene comes home to find a note from Carl that he needs "some space" ....and a bouquet of daisies, her favorite flower. Jo promptly puts the daisies in the blender and presses the button. Soon after, she embarks on a journey to find Carl somewhere out west because, after all, she is "committed" to Carl. However, when she finally tracks him down in Texas, Jo camps out near his home, at first,, hoping to find clues to his decision to leave. She meets a gorgeous sculptor-neighbor (Goran, can't spell his name!) but Jo discourages his attraction to her. When she learns Carl may have a new girlfriend, she decides to consult a Mexican-American mystic (Alfonso Arau) for advice. Jo is committed but does that mean anything to Carl? This is a very imaginative, quite humorous look at the marriage vow. It's quirky script and offbeat style is downright infectious. Graham is just great as the jilted woman who is having a hard time letting go. Wilson does not give his best performance but is adequate as the mixed-up husband. The rest of the cast is quite nice, however, with Goran the gorgeous one wonderful as the sexy neighbor. The scenery, both in New York and in Texas, is very lovely and the costumes are fresh and fun. If you like romantic comedies AND independent films, this one is made to order for you. It walks to a different beat that is most attractive but still delivers in the ultimate happy ending category.