Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993)

The sound of genius.

Original Title : Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould
Director : François Girard
Writer : François Girard
Don McKellar
Nick McKinney
Genre : Drama
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Michael Allder , Niv Fichman , Daniel Iron , Amy J. Kaufman , Dennis R. Murphy , Barbara Willis Sweete , Larry Weinstein
Music : Johann Sebastian Bach
Richard Wagner
Photography : Alain Dostie
Distributor : Columbia TriStar Home Video [us]
IMDB ID : 0108328
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poster for "Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould" by François Girard (1993)
Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993) - François Girard


Colm Feore Glenn Gould
Derek Keurvorst Gould's father
Katya Ladan Gould's mother
Devon Anderson Glenn age 3
Joshua Greenblatt Glenn age 8
Sean Ryan Glenn age 12
Kate Hennig Chambermaid
Sean Doyle Porter
Sharon Bernbaum Female guide
Don McKellar Concert promoter
David Hughes Stagehand
Carlo Rota CBS producer
Peter Millard CBS Engineer
John Dolan CBS Assistant Engineer
Allegra Fulton Waitress
Dick Callahan Trucker
Guy Thauvette Trucker
R.D. Reid Trucker
Conrad Bergschneider Trucker
Gerry Quigley Music Critic
Gale Garnett Journalist
David Young Writer
James Kidnie Photographer
Maia Filar Girl
Coco d'Este Mother (as Marina Anderson
Marie-Josée Gauthier Professor
Nick McKinney Interpreter
Moynan King Questioning Woman
Knowlton Nash V.O. Announcer (voice
Mike Kopsa Broker
Len Doncheff Broker
Ian D. Clark Phillip Brennan
David Clement Desmond
Jimmy Loftus Waiter
Frank Canino Waiter
Bruno Monsaingeon Himself (Violin I, Opus
Yehudi Menuhin Himself (as Sir Yehudi Menuhin
Margaret Pacsu Herself
Jessie Greig Herself
Megan Smith Herself
Walter Homburger Himself
Ray Roberts Himself
Bob Phillips Himself
Jill R. Cobb Herself
Bob Sylverman Himself
Elyse Mach Herself
Mario Prozak Himself
Valerie Verity Herself
Vern Edquist Himself
Gilles Apap Himself (Violin II, Opus
Jean Marc Apap Himself (Viola, Opus
Marc Coppey Himself (Cello, Opus
Ahmed Yamani Himself (arrives in Canada


As the title suggests, this dramatised documentary about the eccentric Canadian pianist Glenn Gould is broken up into thirty-two short films (mirroring the thirty-two part structure of Bach's 'Goldberg Variations', the recording that Gould made famous), each giving us an insight into some aspect of Gould's life and career. Out of respect for the music lead actor Colm Feore is never seen playing the piano, merely reacting to Gould's own recordings, which are extensively featured


Spellbinding...a treat for the eyes and ears I had never heard of Glenn Gould before this movie was released, but I had heard so many good things about the film that I just had to check it out. Am I glad I did. The film is quite unconventional in that it is not a strict "biopic" in any sense of the word. The film -- much like the title suggests -- takes 32 vignettes that concern some aspect of GG's life. Gould, a Canadian classical pianist, was by all accounts an unusual yet charming man. A merciless hypochondriac who popped pills incessantly and wore heavy clothing even in the middle of summer, Gould was also enormously talented, both as a pianist and a producer of highly unusual radio programs. The film examines Gould's life, his passions, his obsessions, and of course his music. The soundtrack is breathtaking. Colm Feore portrays the enigmatic Gould brilliantly. If you are a fan of daring, original films -- as well as a Gould fan -- you will not want to miss this.