Revolution #9 (2001)

Original Title : Revolution #9
Director : Tim McCann
Writer : Tim McCann
Genre : Thriller
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jennifer Carter , Michael De Avila , Shannon Goldman , Gill Holland , Tim McCann , Andreas Olavarria , Michael Risley , Adrienne Shelly , Mark Tchelistcheff , Adolfo Vargas
Music : Douglas J. Cuomo
Photography : Tim McCann
Distributor : Exile Pictures [us]
IMDB ID : 0253586
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Revolution #9 (2001) - Tim McCann


Michael Risley James Jackson
Adrienne Shelly Kim Kelly
Spalding Gray Scooter McCrae
Callie Thorne Stephanie
Michael Rodrick Joe Kelly
Sakina Jaffrey Dr. Ray
Jase Blankfort Tommy Kelly
Kristin Griffith Gale
Jonathan Hogan Dr. Phil Karlson
Ted Sutton Dr. Fred Lang
James Burton Therapist Fuller (as Jim Burton
David Deblinger Bar Manager
Claire Beckman Sarah McCrae
Armand Schultz John Ford
Phyllis Somerville Judge Hathaway
Mark Zeisler Hospital Attorney
Mary Elaine Monti Patient Attorney
Anthony Arkin Boss
Frank Olivier Superintendent
William Severs Mr. Kelly
Tanny McDonald Mrs. Kelly
Reathel Bean Henry Jackson
Ross Benjamin Randolph
Kim Winter Salesgirl
Missy Hargraves Laurie Kelly
Stephanie Gatschet Young Model
Yvette McLarty Secretary
Chad Coleman Night Nurse
Nicole Cerrito Bar Singer


A typically so-so indie treatment of a grave issue McCann's "Revolution 9" tells of a man's sanity slipping away as paranoia takes over his life. This inconsequential and somewhat heavy-handed indie takes on the serious matter of mental health earnestly but with only nominal dramatic success coming from players who seem obviously scripted, reacting to cues, and inclined to over state their roles. Furthermore the matter of paranoid psychosis and it effects on everyone involved is so substantial as to make this film's many artistic embellishments more of a camouflaging affectation than a catalyst. This film would have been better if McCann had backed off the Hollywood stylistics and let the stark reality of the subject speak for itself from a place of austerity, slowing down the process of mental erosion while draining some of the color from the work. Nonetheless, this well intentioned drama with an ambiguous and unsatisfying conclusion should have some entertainment value for those into mental health issues. (C)
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Revolution #9 (2001) - Tim McCann