Viel Passiert, der BAP Film (2002)

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Original Title : Viel passiert - Der BAP-Film
Director : Wim Wenders
Writer : Wim Wenders
Genre : Documentary
Country : Germany
Language : German
Producer : Björn Klimek , Olaf Wicke
Photography : Phedon Papamichael
IMDB ID : 0241034
Official site :
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Viel Passiert, der BAP Film (2002) - Wim Wenders


Wolfgang Niedecken Himself rest of cast listed alphabetically Marie Bäumer .... Sweets vendor
Wolf Biermann Himself
Heinrich Böll Himself (archive footage
Sheryl Hackett Herself
Klaus Heuser Himself
Werner Kopal Himself
Joachim Król Projectionist
Helmut Krumminga Himself
Willi Laschet Himself
Michael Nass Himself
Jens Streifling Himself
Jens Streifling Himself


Excellent documentary about a little-known (but legendary) band. Wim Wenders has succeeded once again in making a film about a relatively obscure subject (this time the rock band BAP from Cologne in Wenders' native Germany) which is artistic, interesting and enlightening. The film is inspired by the group's album 'Tonfilm' (talking movie) which in turn was inspired by Edward Hopper's painting 'New York Movie'. Since band leader Wolfgang Niedecken is also a painter this is a fitting starting point for a fascinating and beautifully filmed journey through the band's history, taking in German postwar history and Niedecken's heroes including The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and Bob Dylan. The DVD has English subtitles throughout and German ones for the songs (sung in Cologne dialect). The music is fabulous and the film is much much more than your average 'Rockumentary'
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154 x 218
Viel Passiert, der BAP Film (2002) - Wim Wenders
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Viel Passiert, der BAP Film (2002) - Wim Wenders