Musime Si Pomahat (2000)

In a war-torn village, one couple makes the ultimate sacrifice to save another.

Original Title : Mus√≠me si pom√°hat
Director : Jan Hrebejk
Writer : Jan Hrebejk
Petr Jarchovsk√Ĺ
Petr Jarchovsk√Ĺ
Genre : Comedy
Country : Czech Republic
Language : Czech
Producer : Pavel Borovan , Ondrej Trojan , Ondrej Trojan
Music : Ales Brezina
Photography : Jan Mal√≠r
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for some violence and sexual content.
IMDB ID : 0234288
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Musime Si Pomahat (2000) - Jan Hrebejk


¬Bolek Pol√≠vka Josef Cizek
¬Csongor Kassai David Wiener
¬Jaroslav Dusek Horst Prohaska
¬Anna Siskov√° Marie Cizkov√°
¬Jir√≠ Pecha Frantisek Simacek
¬Martin Huba Dr. Albrecht Kepk
¬Simona Stasov√° Libuse Sim√°ckov√°
¬Vladimir Marek SS Officer
¬Jir√≠ Kodet Dr. Fischer
¬Richard Tesar√≠k Captain


In World War II Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, a childless couple, Josef and Marie Cizek, can only watch while the Jewish family of their employers, the Wieners, are first removed from their own home to a spare room in their house by the Nazis, then removed to the far off facility of Thierenstadt. Years later, young David Wiener, the sole surviving member of that family has managed to escape and make it to the Cizeks. Although fully aware of the extreme danger of harbouring a Jew in the Third Reich, the Cizek's can not permit themselves to leave David to certain death and agree to hide him. However, this decision leads to terrible danger of discovery by the Nazis and especially their friend and Nazi collaborator, Horst Prohazka, who is attracted to Marie. With desperate cleverness and luck, the Cizeks struggle to keep the secret, even when Horst begins to suspect. In doing so, they find themselves making unorthodox choices and learning about the true nature of the people around them.


Divided We Stand or Fall Whatever the title is, this is a very fine movie. I didn't mind the 'camera shakes' and wiggles, I just took it for granted that it was a low budget film that they were trying to spice up a bit. The acting is really good, and the story is wonderful. I'd see it again in a heartbeat, it's really quite good.The lead actor reminded me of Liam Neeson in "Schindlers List", he's tall and kind of funny looking but in a handsome way, and the woman playing his wife is good too. They all are! I loved it.
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283 x 400
Musime Si Pomahat (2000) - Jan Hrebejk
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323 x 475
Musime Si Pomahat (2000) - Jan Hrebejk
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426 x 596
Musime Si Pomahat (2000) - Jan Hrebejk
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150 x 225
Musime Si Pomahat (2000) - Jan Hrebejk