Too Much Flesh (2000)

Original Title : Too Much Flesh
Director : Jean-Marc Barr
Pascal Arnold
Writer : Pascal Arnold
Jean-Marc Barr
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Pascal Arnold , Jean-Marc Barr , Karina Grandjean , Perrine Tézé
Music : Irina Decermic
Misko Plavi
Photography : Pascal Arnold
IMDB ID : 0226540
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poster for "Too Much Flesh" by Jean-Marc Barr | Pascal Arnold (2000)
Too Much Flesh (2000) - Jean-Marc Barr | Pascal Arnold


Rosanna Arquette Amy
Élodie Bouchez Juliette
Jean-Marc Barr Lyle
Ian Brennan Bert
Ian Vogt Vernon
Stephnie Weir Connie
Rich Komenich Franck
Dwayne Barr Nat
Hutton Cobb Wally
Mike Skewes Ike
Kena Clark Jenny
Sue Barr Tammy
Jim Rogers Sarge
Jayne Henrichs Mary-Beth
Kim Burch Pam
Beulah Reed Becky
Sharon Stone Sue-Lyne
Bruce Heck DJ
Brian Bushue Farmer
William Kephart Farmer
Herbert Polchow Farmer


Too less of a story - (and film ?) Despite my opinion that J.M. Barr and Elodie Bouchez are great actors, them two just having an awful lot of true erotic scenes doesn't give this rather thin developed and predictable story much more essence. Just like in *Intimacy* I don't agree with the necessity of all that. It must have been much fun to film it, but from the movie I get the impression that the story or the film itself was not the actor's or team's primal focus during the shoot. Or probably not even during the writing?
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Too Much Flesh (2000) - Jean-Marc Barr | Pascal Arnold
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Too Much Flesh (2000) - Jean-Marc Barr | Pascal Arnold