Being Light (2001)

Original Title : Being Light
Director : Jean-Marc Barr
Pascal Arnold
Writer : Pascal Arnold
Jean-Marc Barr
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Pascal Arnold , Jean-Marc Barr , Karina Grandjean
Music : Irina Decermic
Misko Plavi
Photography : Pascal Arnold
IMDB ID : 0257434
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poster for "Being Light" by Jean-Marc Barr | Pascal Arnold (2001)
Being Light (2001) - Jean-Marc Barr | Pascal Arnold


Jean-Marc Barr Jack Lesterhoof
Romain Duris Maxime Lecocq
Élodie Bouchez Justine
Isabelle Candelier Vanessa, Maxime's sister
Philippe Duquesne M. Lamartinier
Pascal Aubert François Delos
Jean-Christophe Bouvet Hotel clerk
Anu Majumar Anu
A.K. Raman Raj
K. Velayutham Velon
Mathias Benguigui .... Railway station information clerk 


2.5 stars This is the third in a trilogy of Dogme95 films, with the other two being "Lovers" and "Too Much Flesh." In this one, Maxime arrives in Paris and demonstrates himself to be a very simple man who does not seem to have even a basic grasp of normal societal customs. His goal is to go to India to find Justine (played by Élodie Bouchez, who has much less screen time here than she did in the other two films). Maxime's unlikely companion in this quest is Jack, an American businessman (played by the co-director, Jean-Marc Barr, who played the main character in "Too Much Flesh"). This film's naive story reminded me a bit of "Being There," with the simple character providing much of the wisdom. It was entertaining throughout and was well paced. As is often the case with Dogme95 films, the production values were quite low. Seen at Cinequest (the San Jose, CA film festival) on 2/23/2002.