Sue Lost In Manhattan (1997)

Original Title : Sue
Director : Amos Kollek
Writer : Amos Kollek
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Rene Bastian , Amos Kollek , Linda Moran
Music : Chico Freeman
Photography : Ed Talavera
IMDB ID : 0125522
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Sue Lost In Manhattan (1997) - Amos Kollek


Anna Levine Sue (as Anna Thomson
Matthew Powers Ben
Tahnee Welch Lola
Tracee Ellis Ross Linda
John Ventimiglia Larry
Edoardo Ballerini Eddie
Matthew Faber Sven
Robert Kya-Hill Willie
Austin Pendleton Bob
Tom Cappadona Stanley
Alice Liu Lisa
Dechen Thurman Interviewer/Officer Manager
Joshua Kaplan Sydney
Lázaro Pérez Pedro/Phil
Jim Mulholland Man in Cinema (as James Mulholland
Semadar Levi 1st Interviewer
Joan Price Rahav 2nd Interviewer
Sarah Zhang Chinese Takeout Lady
Sylvia Wong Chinese Takeout Lady
Phil La Rocco Hotel Receptionist
Lon Waterford Homeless Man
Mike Delassario Diner Owner
Frances Ensemplari Diner Patron
Joe McLaughlin Rude Walker
Dale Lawyer Sue's Mother
Dana Jared Piano Man
Rizwan Manji Newsstand Owner
Kevin Kean Murphy Barman
Dimitri Todarek Delivery Boy
Robert S. Brown Doctor
Mohinder Singh Cab Driver
Harvey Kaufman Person in Crowd
Amelia Fouler Person in Crowd
Adam Vignola Young Man on Phone
Barbara Rand Coffee Shop Customer


An unemployed ex-office worker (Anna Thomson) searching for work floats a fragile line of sanity as she struggles to find friendship and companionship. Her tenuous grasp on reality further fluctuates when a man (Matthew Powers) whom she met in a restaurant and started an affair is called to go to India for an assignment. The final straw occurs when she is evicted and moves into a sleazy hotel. She then starts seeking casual sex in unorthodox locations just to have human contact.


Mostly See And Forget A sympathetic look at the life of a young, unhappy woman feeling lost and lonely in the Big Apple.I could not really get warm with this movie,I thought it was too linear, too much cliché, not enough development.And the actors, especially the lead (Anna Thomson / Levine) were far too good - looking to be believable -- I started to daydream about her and stopped caring about how the story unfolded.
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Sue Lost In Manhattan (1997) - Amos Kollek