Przypadek (Blind Chance) (1987)

Original Title : Przypadek
Director : Krzysztof Kieslowski
Writer : Krzysztof Kieslowski
Genre : Drama
Country : Poland
Language : Polish
Producer : Jacek Szel√≠gowski
Music : Wojciech Kilar
Photography : Krzysztof Pakulski
IMDB ID : 0084549
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poster for "Przypadek (Blind Chance)" by Krzysztof Kieslowski (1987)
Przypadek (Blind Chance) (1987) - Krzysztof Kieslowski


¬Boguslaw Linda Witek
¬Tadeusz Lomnicki 1. Werner
¬Zbigniew Zapasiewicz 1. Adam
¬Boguslawa Pawelec 1. Czuszka
¬Marzena Trybala 2. Werka
¬Jacek Borkowski 2. Marek
¬Jacek Sas-Uhrynowski 2. Daniel
¬Adam Ferency 2. Ksiadz
¬Monika Gozdzik 3. Olga
¬Zygmunt H√ľbner 3. Dzirkan
¬Irena Byrska 3. Ciotka rest of cast listed alphabetically
¬Krzysztof Kalczynski Werka's Husband (uncredited
¬Jolanta Nowinska (uncredited
¬Jerzy Stuhr (uncredited
¬Krzysztof Zaleski Buzek (uncredited


Witek runs after a train. Three variations follow on how such a seemingly banal incident could influence the rest of Witek's life. One: he catches the train, meets an honest Communist and himself becomes a Party activist. Two: while running for the train he bumps into a railway guard, is attested, brought to trial and sent to unpaid labour in a park where he meets someone from the opposition. He, in turn, becomes a militant member of the opposition. Three: he simply misses the train, meets a girl from his studies, rerns to his interrupted studies, marries the girl and leads a peaceful life as &, doctor unwilling to get mixed up in politics. He is sent abroad with his work. In mid-air, the plane he is on explodes.


Surprisingly boring I may be stupid, but being Kieslowsky's fan and loving his "Veronic" and the color trilogy, I guess I have the right to say the man failed, when I think so. And "Przypadek" is one of the worst films I have ever seen. Its plot is totally irrational! One can not understand a thing, except of some talk about Communism and Politburo. I was so bored and disappointed, that I even considered leaving the theatre. But finally I just fell asleep near the end. And so will you. My Grade: 1/2 (out of *****)