Choses de la Vie, Les (1969)

Original Title : Choses de la vie, Les
Director : Claude Sautet
Writer : Jean-Loup Dabadie
Paul Guimard
Claude Sautet
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jean Bolvary , Raymond Danon , Roland Girard
Music : Philippe Sarde
Photography : Jean Boffety
IMDB ID : 0064165
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Choses de la Vie, Les (1969) - Claude Sautet


Michel Piccoli Pierre Bérard
Romy Schneider Hélène
Gérard Lartigau Bertrand Bérard
Jean Bouise François
Boby Lapointe Truck Driver
Hervé Sand Driver
Jacques Richard Male Nurse
Betty Beckers Hitchhiker
Dominique Zardi Hitchhiker
Gabrielle Doulcet Guitte
Roger Crouzet Man on construction project
Henri Nassiet Père de Pierre
Claude Confortès Doctor
Jerry Brouer Hélène's client
Jean Gras Site Engineer
Marie-Pierre Casey Post Woman
Marcelle Arnold Mère de Hélène
Jean-Pierre Zola Père de Hélène
Max Amyl Priest
Isabelle Sadoyan Nurse
Gérard Streiff Motard
Lea Massari Catherine Bérard
Clément Bairam Policeman
Christian Bertola Junior Doctor


Pierre, a successful expert in building highways has a traffic accident. Being seriously wounded, he is lying waiting for death and remembering his past in flashbacks.


Regrets? Pierre remembers, sees the most recent events in his life while being transported to the hospital after a dramatic car accident.He goes back in time and re-lives the main episodes in his relationships with his wife, Catherine, and his mistress, Helene. "What could I have done differently" or "What if" are the questions during the final moments of his life.Did he have any regrets? Continuous flashbacks are the pieces of this somber but beautiful movie.
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304 x 420
Choses de la Vie, Les (1969) - Claude Sautet