Liens du sang, Les (Blood Relatives) (1978)

The Most Intimate Act Of All Is... ...Murder!

Original Title : Liens du sang, Les
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Sydney Banks
Claude Chabrol
Evan Hunter
Genre : Drama
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Denis H√©roux , Michael Klinger , Claude L√©ger , Eug√®ne L√©picier , Julian Melzack
Music : Howard Blake
Photography : Jean Rabier
IMDB ID : 0076313
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Liens du sang, Les (Blood Relatives) (1978) - Claude Chabrol


¬Donald Sutherland Carella
¬Aude Landry Patricia
¬Lisa Langlois Muriel
¬Laurent Malet Andrew
¬St√©phane Audran Mrs. Lowery
¬Walter Massey Mr. Lowery
¬Micheline Lanct√īt Mrs. Carella
¬Donald Pleasence James Doniac
¬David Hemmings Armstrong
¬Ian Ireland Klinger
¬Guy Hoffman Priest
¬Marguerite Lemir Helene Beck
¬Gregory Giannis Sully
¬Jan Chamberlain Grandmother
¬Tim Henry Captain Marriott
¬Victor Knight Medical Examiner
¬J√©r√īme Tiberghien Moran
¬Kevin Fenlon Smoker
¬Nina Balogh Carella's Daughter
¬Terrence Labrosse Attorney
¬Tammy Tucker Jean Hanley
¬Robert King 1st Policeman
¬Victor D√©sy 2nd Policeman
¬John Boylan 3rd Policeman
¬Howard Ryshpan Doctor
¬Michael Hershewe Albert Tiger De Coco
¬Floyd Levine Dr. Harris
¬Yvonne Wilder Phyllis De Coco


Montreal: Late at night the teenage Patricia flees into a police department, covered all over with blood. She states together with her cousin she took shelter from rain in an entry way on their way home from a party, when an unknown man threatened them, forced her cousin to perform oral sex and then killed her. Patricia could barely escape. The police starts searching among the known sex criminals - but then Patricia changes her statement and states her brother Andrew, who had an affair with his cousin, was the murderer. Inspector Carella doesn't quite believe both the statements.


A french in the States Claude Chabrol shooting a movie under the premises of a Marlowe's story.More American than French. Donald Sutherland claiming to be considered one of the best actors of the 70's. The movie begins with a very very frightened teenager girl going into a police station. She tells about a murder: her cousin. Sutherland, the inspector, try to solve the case by asking some usual suspects and, eventually, reading the personal diary of the dead girl where he finds the clue to get to know who's the killer. In the middle of the movie, the story turns to be more about the relationship between the murdered girl and his cousin: the brother of the accusing young girl.Finally, we can see a surprising end. Good movie just to watch once, not more. It's not strong enough because the script is not very solid. It deserves to be watched because of a Donald Sutherland in his best and a little character supported by Donald Pleasance, doing quite well.
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144 x 260
Liens du sang, Les (Blood Relatives) (1978) - Claude Chabrol
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336 x 475
Liens du sang, Les (Blood Relatives) (1978) - Claude Chabrol