L.627 (1992)

Original Title : L.627
Director : Bertrand Tavernier
Writer : Michel Alexandre
Bertrand Tavernier
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Frédéric Bourboulon , Alain Sarde
Music : Philippe Sarde
Photography : Alain Choquart
IMDB ID : 0104658
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poster for "L.627" by Bertrand Tavernier (1992)
L.627 (1992) - Bertrand Tavernier


Didier Bezace Lucien 'Lulu' Marguet
Jean-Paul Comart Dodo
Charlotte Kady Marie
Jean-Roger Milo Manuel
Nils Tavernier Vincent
Philippe Torreton Antoine
Lara Guirao Cecile
Cécile Garcia-Fogel Kathy Marguet
Claude Brosset Adore
Fabrice Roux Toulouse
Jean-Luc Abel J.P.
Martial Rambo
Jacky Pratoussy Mario (as Jacques Pratoussy
Didier Castello Willy
Jacques Rosny Tulipe 4
Samir Bouadi Beur in Phonebox
Gilette Barbier Old Woman
Adrienne Bonnet Police Station Receptionist
Eric Dufay Mr. Propre
Patrick Rocca Detective Inspector Caron
Francis Lax Superintendent of 20th Arrondissement
François Lescurat Usher
Bobby Pacha Cafe Owner
Thien Nga Fabre Chinese Woman
Jean-Charles Dumay Undertaker
Emmanuelle Bataille Woman Bitten by Dog
Jean-Pascal Granger Man with Dog
Alain Frérot Man in Hat
Fabienne Pascaud Elegant Woman
Alexandra Scherpereel Transvestite
Bruno López Young Delinquent
François Levantal Inspector
Eric Savin Lefort
Jean Odoutan Mamadou Diop
Jean-Claude Calon Longuet
Boris Napes Surly Mechanic
Frédéric Pierrot Réné
Rémy Riflade Developer
Luc Palun Brigadier
Kamel Cherif Said
Bruno Raffaelli Jaunet
Christian Bazir Rasta on Metro
Jean Le Mouël Aussenac
Thierry Maricot European Dealer
Corinne Nabet Young Addict Who Falls
Gisèle Torterolo Shot Young Girl
Laurentine Milebo Alimata
Bruno Therasse Carpet Delivery Man
Victor Ahianor Bodyguard
Simone Pheto Couliba
Hassan El Barnoussi Arab Client
François Decaux Priest
Francis Girod Father of the Bride
Alain Sarde Man Trying to Pick Up Girl at Wedding
Jean-Claude Mino Maitre d'
Marc Perrone Accordionist
Didier Duprat Guitarist (as Didi Duprat
Michel Alexandre Chef
John Arnold Addict L.627
Jacques Boudet Raymond
Hervé Laudière Inspector Biere
Jean-Louis Benoît Gardacier
Catherine Abecassis TV Eyewitness
Karen Rencurel Woman in Hall of Apartment Block
Jean-Paul Pitolin Vomiting Dealer
Sheriff Scouri Norrodine
Eugène Collombat School Caretaker
Jeanne Dubois School Principal
Smaïl Mekki Miloud
Didier Harlmann Plant Delivery Man
Fathia Saïd Malika
Denis Chérer Man from the Ministry
Thierry Desroses Saintonge
Joséphine Kouam Josephine
Frédéric Bourboulon Feathered Client
Isabelle Noah Philomene
Yasmine Abdi Tunisian Chambermaid
Laurence Roche Pervenche
Tikka Biting Senegalese
Marcelle Barreau Old Woman Dealer in Apartment Block
Thérèse Moumani Soeur africaine
Cyliane Guy African Woman
Fayçal Ghrir Hotel Owner
Carole Africa Prostitute
Françoise Miquelis Nurse
Alban Odil Italian
Amandine Chelon Moaning Woman
Dany Logan Lulu's Mother
Isabelle Offner IML Employee
Idriss Lanrichi Hotel Manager
Uche Aniagolu Berthe
Ben Braklhia Cigarette Addict (uncredited
Jean-Claude Lagniez Man Falling from Taxi-Bus (uncredited
Alain Lechaux Chief Brigadier (uncredited
Jean Luisi Toussaint (uncredited
Roberto Montoya Taximan 77 (uncredited
Sylvie Van den Elsen Corsican Woman (uncredited


This gritty police drama shows us the underbelly of the Parisian drug trade. Lulu is a tough streetwise narcotics cop who, like a Frank Serpico or a Dirty Harry Callahan, doesn't play by the rules or kowtow to his weak and/or corrupt superiors. Lulu thrives in this violent world, where sheer guts can overcome his squad's deficiencies of money and equipment. Despite the ruthless environment that he lives and works in every day, he still manages somehow to maintain his humanity.


excellent movie The story is about policemen who work in a "commissariat" in Paris, France. They have to do their job everyday, running after little robbers or little drug dealers... The movie is very far from police stories we can see everyday in others movies, with great detectives, mafias... In fact, Bertrand Tavernier, with the help of an ancient policeman for the scenario, tries to catch policemen every day work, with their little problems with the hierarchy... I think this movie is the most "real" about police problems in France.