Fail Safe (1964)

It will have you sitting on the brink of eternity!

Original Title : Fail-Safe
Director : Sidney Lumet
Writer : Eugene Burdick
Harvey Wheeler
Walter Bernstein
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Sidney Lumet , Charles H. Maguire , Max E. Youngstein
Photography : Gerald Hirschfeld
IMDB ID : 0058083
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Fail Safe (1964) - Sidney Lumet


Dan O'Herlihy Brigadier General Warren A. Black
Walter Matthau Professor Groeteschele
Frank Overton General Bogan S.A.C. Omaha
Ed Binns Col. Jack Grady, Command Pilot Group 6
Fritz Weaver Colonel Cascio, Bogan's Deputy
Henry Fonda The President
Larry Hagman Buck
William Hansen Defense Secretary Swenson
Russell Hardie General Stark, Pentagon
Russell Collins Gordon Knapp, President Universal Electronics
Sorrell Booke Congressman Raskob
Nancy Berg Ilsa Wolfe (party
John Connell Radioman Thomas (crew
Frank Simpson Sullivan (crew
Hildy Parks Betty Black
Janet Ward Helen Grady
Dom DeLuise Tech. Sgt. Collins
Dana Elcar Mr. Foster (party
Stewart Germain Lou Cascio
Louise Larabee Mrs. Cascio
Frieda Altman Jennie Johnson, President's Secretary rest of cast listed alphabetically
Charles Tyner Jet Fighter Pilot (uncredited


A series of human and computer errors sends a squadron of American B-58 bombers to nuke Moscow. The President, in order to convince the Soviets that this is a mistake, orders the Strategic Air Command to help the Soviets stop them. This movie pulls no punches. The ending will make you thank God the Cold War is over!


of its time, but stands up well In my book this movie and "On the Beach" are the best film dramas having a plot basis in the nuclear tension of the Cold War. Superbly directed by Sidney Lumet, and shot appropriately in b&,w, this absolutely gripping drama moves forward with white-knuckled tension. Excellent acting all around from Fonda, Dan O'Herlihy, Fritz Weaver, the ever-durable Edward Binns, et. al. Watch for Dom deLuise in a surprising dramatic bit part, and Larry Hagman of all people as the translator. Matthau is perhaps miscast here. Stands up to repeated viewing, a great film.
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352 x 475
Fail Safe (1964) - Sidney Lumet
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390 x 552
Fail Safe (1964) - Sidney Lumet
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621 x 843
Fail Safe (1964) - Sidney Lumet
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259 x 396
Fail Safe (1964) - Sidney Lumet
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Fail Safe (1964) - Sidney Lumet
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401 x 541
Fail Safe (1964) - Sidney Lumet
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2624 x 1691
Fail Safe (1964) - Sidney Lumet