After Hours (1985)

When it's after midnight in New York City, you don't have to look for love, laughter and trouble. They'll all find you!

Original Title : After Hours
Director : Martin Scorsese
Writer : Joseph Minion
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Robert F. Colesberry , Griffin Dunne , Amy Robinson , Deborah Schindler
Music : Howard Shore
Photography : Michael Ballhaus
IMDB ID : 0088680
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After Hours (1985) - Martin Scorsese


Griffin Dunne Paul Hackett
Rosanna Arquette Marcy Franklin
Verna Bloom June
Tommy Chong Pepe (as Thomas Chong
Linda Fiorentino Kiki Bridges
Teri Garr Julie
John Heard Tom
Cheech Marin Neil
Catherine O'Hara Gail
Dick Miller Diner Waiter (Pete
Will Patton Horst
Robert Plunket Mark
Bronson Pinchot Lloyd
Rocco Sisto Coffee Shop Cashier
Larry Block Taxi Driver
Victor Argo Diner Cashier
Murray Moston Subway Attendant
John P. Codiglia Transit Cop
Clarke Evans Neighbor
Victor Bumbalo Neighbor
Bill Elverman Neighbor
Joel Jason Biker
Rand Carr Biker
Clarence Felder Club Berlin Bouncer
Henry Judd Baker Jett (as Henry Baker
Margo Winkler Woman with Gun
Victor Magnotta Dead Man
Robin Johnson Punk Girl
Stephen Lim Club Berlin Bartender (as Stephen J. Lim
Frank Aquilino Angry Mob Member
Maree Catalano Angry Mob Member
Paula Raflo Angry Mob Member
Rockets Redglare Angry Mob Member
Charles Scorsese Club Berlin Patron (uncredited
Martin Scorsese Club Berlin Searchlight Operator (uncredited


Paul Hacketts embarks on a trip to SoHo in hopes of scoring with a pretty women he just met, but when his money flies out the window he is stuck in SoHo. The movie details his experiences that night with a wide array of criminals, kooks, psychotics, sadomasochists, punks, and an angry mob trying to kill him. Strangely, the seemingly disconnected events are interwoven in unusual and unexpected ways.


very fun movie! i rented this movie a couple of days ago,and man was it fun. this movie seemed to get better,and better the longer it went. the movie had so many twists,and turns. this guy could not get home to save his life. some of this movie i still can't make any sense out of,but i guess thats why it's so fun. just as this guy thinks he's gonna get home,another bad thing pops up again to stop him. until i saw this movie,i thought very bad things was the best black comedy i've even seen. i loved very bad things in the movie theatre. then i rented it a little over a month ago. i still liked it,but i liked it much better in the theatre. after hours is very smart,and funny. one twist after another. after hours could be the best black comedy i've ever seen. after hours is a lot better than the much over-hyped fargo. but fargo was still pretty good. just not as good as a lot of people say. i give after hours ***1/2 out of ****
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After Hours (1985) - Martin Scorsese
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After Hours (1985) - Martin Scorsese